Faith And Fashion Blend

Dont Worry Trust God

Faith and Fashion – Yes, they can go together!

A large collection of Christian T-shirts and clothing available now from 2 online websites.

1. Choose the T-shirt you need or create a custom one

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3. Pay the small amount and place the order

4. Receive your item at your doorstep

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Let us proclaim the Word even in the way we dress. Don’t be shy to do this. Many friends asked me, “What will the other people think of me when they see me in these cloths? Will they think that I am doing this just to show that I am a pious person?” My friends, please do not think in this way. We need to proclaim the faith we have, using all possible ways.

If even one person thinks about his Creator seeing our dress, don’t you think that we have done a great thing?

If we are shy to proclaim our faith, He will also be shy to brand us as His children.

So, lets do a blend of faith and fashion for our Lord. God bless.

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