Throwing It All Away

Jesus only solution to Lifes problems

“He who neglects the present moment throws away all he has.” – That observation by Johann Friedrich von Schiller, a great German historian and playwright, holds much truth for all of our lives.


Early one morning fire broke out in a house on a narrow street. The fire spread quickly, and flames were leaping high into the air before the fire engines could get to the scene.

A young man appeared at an upper window in his pajamas. Firefighters quickly placed a ladder against the burning building, but the man refused to come down. Instead, he yelled that he had to get dressed first. The firefighters pleaded, “Come as you are! Come as you are!“, but to no avail.

The firefighters tried to climb the stairs from below, but they were turned back by the flames. When a rescuer tried to enter through a lower window, the heat and smoke forced him away.

Suddenly the walls and roof fell in. The man waited too long, and was buried under the ruins.


How Does This Apply to Our Lives?

The man refused to immediately do what was best for himself because of what someone might say about his appearance later. Thus, the young man literally threw his life away.

We can make the same foolish mistake. I read about an experiment in which a rat was placed in a box and shocked until it huddled in a particular corner. To avoid future shocks, the rat soon learned to run to that corner as soon as it was placed in the box.

How much of your life is spent avoiding the disapproving “shocks” of those around you? Do you disregard your own beliefs, and compromise who you are as a person, so others will like you?

That is easy to do, especially in matters of faith. Many people do not live according to their beliefs because they are concerned about what others will think or say. If that includes you, then in effect you are throwing away the most significant part of yourself–your spiritual life.

Instead of trying to become someone others will like in the future, focus on God’s love for you right now. Live each day according to God’s standards, no matter how people may react. Because some things are too important to throw away–including yourself.

“Your love is ever before me, and I walk continually in your truth.” – Psalm 26:3

– written by Rich McLawhorn

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  1. I wrote this devotional years ago. I was curious how you got it and are using it now.

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