Don’t Be Afraid To Shine Your Light

Fireflies at night

My blinking buddies are back for the summer again. For several years now I have had the pure delight of watching the fireflies gather in my backyard at night and share their light. I enjoy standing there watching them blink on and off as sun sets, the stars rise, and the air cools in the evening. What I love the most is seeing a lone firefly sharing its light only to be answered by first one and then another and another. Soon dozens are flashing their lights on and off in perfect unison. It is then when my whole backyard becomes a symphony of light and Earth feels a lot closer to Heaven. It is then when I joyously remember all the light we can share too.

We all have one advantage over my blinking buddies, though. We can leave our lights on. We can shine them in the darkest night and add light to the sunniest day. We can light up the hearts around us with our love and brighten every soul we meet with our happiness. We can shine our goodness, kindness, and oneness with God so that everyone can see. And just like my firefly friends we can help others to get their lights shining as well.

Don’t be afraid to shine your light. Don’t be afraid to leave it on even when the world around you seems dark. Shine it brightly. Shine it joyously. Shine it lovingly. Let it glow in oneness with God’s light as well. Before you know it you will no longer be a lone firefly in the darkness. Before you know it others all around you will begin to shine their own lights as well. Before you know it you will be making this world a better, brighter, and more beautiful place.

In this life you have two choices. You can sit in the darkness or you can help God to light up the universe. If a few dozen lightning bugs can make my backyard a Heavenly symphony of light then just imagine what God could do with you. Have a bright, shining, and glorious day then and always remember to leave your light on.

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