Living A Dream : Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters

Do you believe in ghosts? Its really a hot topic nowadays.

Ghosts – there are a lot of unanswered questions about them. I cannot say whether they are real or not because I have never encountered one, but I do believe they exist. There are many theories to explain what ghosts are and why they exist.

Ghost sightings typically fall into one of two general classes by temperament. The apparitions themselves are either images of a family member or loved one, or appear as the other extreme in the form of demonic apparitions. The two classes represent the extremes of love and hate, in general terms.

Religious believers claim that ghosts are beings that are either temporarily or permanently displaced between worlds, that is, between heaven and hell. They are seen as shadows, hazy figures, or full-figured, floating apparitions. The one thing that most, if not all, encounters have had in common is that ghostly apparitions of people are most commonly a person who died within a few days or weeks before the sighting. Not two or three years later, but shortly after their unfortunate demise.

This immediately begs the question, could a ghost sighting be a manifestation created by a person’s mind? Maybe, I don’t know. What I do know is that the mind is a very powerful instrument. Most people think of the brain as a huge memory chip, but the brain can do and does so much more. Your brain tells you when you’re hungry or cold. It tells you what you are looking at, or hearing, or smelling. The brain can decipher, store, and develop senses of everything. What I mean by this is that while it acts like a memory chip taking in everything that we go through second by second, it also has the ability to tell us everything else about our lives. So is it hard to believe that this enriched organ can create a person in front of us so lifelike and real that we can hear them, smell them, or even touch them?

My theory makes even more sense when you consider who typically sees these ghosts. In the love class of ghosts, the loved ones are usually the ones who see a close relative that just died reappear as a ghost. But with the hate class, there are the murdered individuals coming back and haunting the murderers in the form of a ghost. If you ask me these sightings sound an awful lot like dreams or nightmares. These dreams or nightmares are scientifically known as manifestations of the brain while you are sleeping or cognate.

Many people believe that these ghosts are in limbo on earth waiting on reincarnation. Scientists have tried to justify the belief of ghosts by saying that the human soul can have a strong psychic energy that will not die with the body. This energy is left behind, even if the soul is not. Other people believe that the person was so attached to the world that when their body died, their soul refused to depart with it, thus resulting in the soul stuck wondering the earth. I don’t know which theories to give merit to if there are any. The only thing I can tell you is that I believe in them.

But many people make a lot of news showing themselves as “Ghost Hunters” (like in the above comic)….Well, I am not sure whether one should believe all those things they claim they have done with ghosts.

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