The Cross Fully Explained

The Cross fully explained

See the picture of the CROSS. We get a clear idea of the sufferings of Jesus on the cross and why He did that.

Read the text forming the body of Christ in the above picture.




2 thoughts on “The Cross Fully Explained”

  1. I truly enjoy the text layout on the backdrop of the cross, it is a truly impactful and unique visual used to add an emotionally expressive meaning to the reading!

  2. I meditate on The Cross often. It is a divine influx all the time.

    I AM the cross
    stretched in time and space!
    I am always constrained
    on both the axes … but ..
    I am always free at their juncture
    right HERE and right NOW!!
    My motion, thoughts and actions
    are always nailed to bleed … but …
    My heart always bubbles in freedom
    pumping its vital fluids to them all!!!

    Naga Narayana.

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