The Walk Of The Spirit, The Walk Of Power

The Walk Of The Spirit The Walk Of Power

The Walk of the Spirit — The Walk of Power
Vital Role of Praying in Tongues

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I recommend this book by Dave Roberson if you are serious about wanting a closer or deeper relationship with God. The theology presented lines up with the Scriptures. This book explains the differences in praying in tongues for personal edification vs. the gift of tongues, etc. The gift of our prayer language is misunderstood. Most Christians do not realize the importance of utilizing what God has so freely given to those who ASK. Simply written, it is the truth of God’s Word unveiled for those who will believe God’s Word in spite of man’s teaching.

God conceived a wonderful plan for every one of us. In His plan, we were predestined to become His sons and daughters at the Cross. But one potential obstacle stands between us and God’s perfectly conceived purposes: Using the free will God has given us, we must choose to walk in the plan He has ordained for our lives.

God looks for a way to approach each of us in order to present His personal plan for our lives. He begins with the preaching of the Cross that encourages us to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. If we accept Jesus, we take our first step into the plan God predestined for us before the foundations of the world. But if we reject Him, then like so many before us, we will live and die without ever taking that first step — salvation — into the divine purpose for our existence.


1 The Holy Spirit’s Work Within
2 My Personal Journey To Revelation Knowledge
3 Spiritual Gifts and Operations
4 Diversities of Tongues In God’s Government
5 The Four Basic Diversities of Tongues
6 Paul’s Source of Revelation
7 Praying Out the Mysteries Of God’s Plan
8 The Channel Through Which The Holy Spirit Speaks
9 The Edification Process
10 Purging and Mortification
11 Overcoming Impasses in Prayer
12 Purged To Stand in the Gap
13 Prayer and Fasting: The Two Power Twins
14 How To Effectively Pray in Tongues
15 The Divine Progression to Agape Love
Hindrances To Receiving The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Prayer of Salvation
Prayer To Be Filled With the Holy Spirit

So are you going to pray in tongues a little more than you used to? A lot more? If you are, then watch out, my friend, because you’re going to take your place in history! You’re going to find God’s compassion. You’re going to find His power. You’re going to find His plan.

The time is short, so don’t delay in your quest to unlock the greatest mysteries of all time — the mind of God for mankind, for your generation, and for your own personal life! Download the PDF given above and read this great book by Dave Roberson.

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