The Driver’s Prayer

The drivers prayer

Sacred Heart of Jesus, grant me
a steady hand and watchful eye,
that none be hurt as I pass by.
Thou givest life. I pray no act of mine
take away or mar that gift Divine.
Protect those, Lord, who travel with me
from highway dangers and all anxiety.
Teach me to use my car for others’ needs
and never miss the beauty of Thy
world through excessive speed.
I pledge to drive with loving concern
to my every destination,
offering each travel hour to Thee
in a spirit of reparation.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
my auto Companion,
have mercy on me.

3 thoughts on “The Driver’s Prayer”

  1. this is a good prayer. 5 days back i bought a new bike. i could get it stuck somewhere on the bike if this prayer would be short.

  2. I feel like Jesus probably wouldn’t be cool with being included in imagery with a Rangerover. I mean really, if you’re driving with “loving concern” are you going to do so in a vehicle that guzzles gas, ruins the environment god created and hogs the road? Pretty sure JC would ride a bicycle, or maybe a camel.

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