The Didache Bible

The Didache Bible

After presenting to all of you the Catholic Children’s Bible in a previous article on TBTG website this week, today I would like to introduce another special Bible, but this one is for the grownups out there – for the more eager and experienced ones who would like to see detailed commentaries from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) referenced in each of the Bible pages. Yes, we are going to talk about the The Didache Bible today.

What is Didache?

First, let us talk about the name. What is Didache? The Didache meaning “Teaching” is the short name of a Christian manual compiled before 300AD. The full title is The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles. Didache contained instructions for Christian groups; and its statement of belief may be the first written catechism.

It has four parts: the first is the “Two Ways, the Way of Life and the Way of Death;” the second explains how to perform rituals such as baptism, fasting, and Communion; the third covers ministry and how to deal with traveling teachers; the fourth part is a reminder that Jesus is coming again, with quotations from several New Testament passages which exhort Christians to live godly lives and prepare for “that day.”

What makes The Didache Bible special?

The Didache Bible presents extensive commentaries, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, for each of the books of the Holy Bible. The Didache Bible also includes numerous apologetic inserts to assist the reader in understanding the Church’s teachings on current issues.

After publishing the books of The Didache Series, Midwest Theological Forum set out to fill a need for a Catholic edition of Sacred Scripture with explanatory and apologetic commentaries based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The publication of the Didache Bible, based on these principles, fulfills the desire of Pope St. John Paul II as expressed in his Apostolic Constitution Fidei Depositum: “The Catechism of the Catholic Church . . . is a statement of the Church’s faith and of catholic doctrine, attested to or illumined by Sacred Scripture, the Apostolic Tradition and the Church’s Magisterium. I declare it to be a sure norm for teaching the faith. (no. IV)”

The Didache Bible is a valuable resource for students and those participating in Scripture studies. Ideal for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and intended to be accessible by all Catholics in its level of scriptural scholarship.       

  • Available in the Ignatius Bible Edition (Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition)  
  • Features 27 full-color biblical maps, including the journeys of Jesus Christ 
  • More than 100 apologetic explanations that help to answer common questions about the faith 
  • Includes a comprehensive, 43-page glossary and a topical index 

Please checkout this pdf preview of the Didache Bible.

How to buy The Didache Bible online

You have multiple ways to get your hands on this super special study Bible. One of them is to go to the official website itself of Midwest Thelogical Forum Bibles section and order the Holy Book from there. Another option is to buy it from Amazon shopping portal by going to The Didache Bible On Amazon.

Help is indeed needed for all humans to understand the Holy Bible in a better way. We minions in our own small wisdom will find it very difficult at times to really understand the inner deep meaning of various scripture passages. That is where relevant commentaries based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church (with page references made to CCC for those who have time to read up the relevant CCC portion fully) will become a great blessing to anyone using the Didache Bible.

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  1. Hi, is this didache Bible available on line? Because I am in no position to bye one, cause I have no job for 34 years till coming Christmas. Or can you send me one? Thank you. Mathias

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