Christ The Redeemer Statue Video

Christ The Redeemer Statue Video given above shows a Helicopter flight around the statue Christ the Redeemer, Rio, Brazil. I have always been curious about the Redeemer statue. Seeing it on this video, its just simply amazing. Absolutely beautiful sight to see, great job capturing that on video. Praise Jesus, our only hope to eternal life, … Read more

Video : Christ of Abyss

Christ of Abyss refers to a number of bronze sculptures of Jesus Christ submerged in water. The original sculpture, “Il Cristo degli Abissi” is in the Mediterranean sea off San Fruttuoso between Camogli and Portofino on the Italian Riviera. It was placed in the water on 22 August 1954 at approximately 17 metres depth, and … Read more

Crying Statue of Mary

Crying statue of Mary shipped overseas to a Central Florida business has grabbed the attention of the Orlando Catholic Diocese and groups of worshippers after it apparently shed a black tear inside the store. I really hope to see this crying statue of mary sometime in my life. Castle Designs in Orlando received the marble statue … Read more