How To Resist Temptation

How To Resist Temptations

Short Story One of the disciples approached the Master with a heavy heart. When enquired of his troubled face he said, “Master, I am fed up with temptations. At each moment and every place I am tempted. I fear that I will have to leave this life of solitude and prayer due to the irresistible … Read more

Each Of Us Has A Role To Play

Each Of Us Has A Role To Play

Each of us has a role to play in rescuing those who are drowning in sin. Read this beautiful story. Walking through the forest, a seasoned hiker came upon a broad, slowly moving river. He stopped to gaze over the waters, appreciating the beauty, when suddenly he heard a faint cry coming from upstream. Looking in the direction of … Read more

Never Sin


Once there was a child and mother living in a small house. Mother always wanted her son to live as a god fearing child. As he started growing up, mother noticed that her child is living in a wrong way by cheating his friends while playing, and  abusing them with bad words. There was a … Read more