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March 6th, 2011

A Connection With Christ

A Connection With Christ

Our ministries go out of strength due to lack of proper connection with the true power source.

A man from a remote village had gone to the city. He was wonder struck by seeing the modern technologies and the city way of life. He saw the whole city was illuminated with bright lights, drinking water was supplied to houses and fans gave cool air in the hot summer. He wanted to enjoy the same, back in his village. Therefore, he bought some electric lights, fans and water taps. When he reached his village he fixed the light and fan waiting for the light and cool air. He fixed the water tap in a wall and waited for water. But nothing happened because the electric bulb and fan were not connected to electricity and the water tap was not connected to a source of water.

Today, we too are attracted to Christ and want to be partner in His mission work. Therefore we build massive buildings and spend lot of money to help the poor and the needy. But if we are not connected to Christ and live a Christ centered life, we cannot be effective and faithful in the mission of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the scripture tell us to go beyond, and be rooted in Christ and have an intimate experience of God, only then we would be able to withstand the trials and persecution that come on the way.

This message is beautifully brought out in the life of St. Paul. Prophet Amos tangibly experiences the living Word of God and that experience leads him to raise his voice against the unjust structures of the society and exploiting religious leaders of the time. He cries out: “Let justice role down like waters and righteousness like an ever flowing stream.” Yes, he is fully aware that challenging the then existing system would bring danger to his life. But he listens to the Word of God and relies on the power of God.

In the New Testament, we see Jesus sending the 12 Apostles for His mission. But before He sends them out for the mission, He keeps them with Him, because He wants them to have a personal relationship with Himself. He desires that they live in His presence to learn, to draw strength, courage and spiritual energy from Him. He wants them to see Him praying, healing and teaching so that their faith in Him may be deeply rooted and they may eventually begin to absorb and assimilate His very character and behavior.

We too are called to be with Him, to experience Him deeply and follow Him very closely. Only then we become the true ambassadors of Jesus and full representatives to carry out His message to the whole world. Like the prophet Amos, St. Paul, the 12 apostles and there are many, we too are sent on a mission to fight against the evil, sinful, unjust and ungodly ways of the world. We are sent to alleviate pain, suffering, sorrow and misery from the lives of people around us.

In Japan there was a beautiful statue of Jesus Christ placed in the middle of a village. During the World War II, bomb fell in the village and the statue was broken into pieces. The parish priest collected the broken pieces and joined them together. Unfortunately the hand of Jesus was not found. So, the parish priest wrote bellow the statue that, “who would be my hand to help out my people?” By seeing this all the people came together and extended their hands to rebuild the lives of the people over there.

Today we are like Christ’s hands to raise those who are fallen. We are like His feet to go in search of the lost sheep. We are like His ears to listen to the cries of the sufferings and the lonely. We are His tongue to comfort and encourage those who are sad, disappointed, sick, lonely and depressed.

– – – written by John Singarayar SVD

October 24th, 2010

Why Do I Want To Be A Missionary

Why Do I Want To Be A Missionary

Why Do I Want To Be A Missionary

What a hard question! I can’t find out the exact reason why I said “YES!” without a second thought.

When I was not yet in CFC Singles for Family and Life (SFL) Philippines, it had never been in my mind that I will be longing to serve God and I doubted if He is true or just an imaginary friend of everybody. All I know was to ponder about the meaning of life, what it is, and the purpose of being a fleshy creature here on earth. I asked stupid questions like “Why do we have two eyes instead of one, three or four?”; “Why do I need to inhale fresh air, and then just exhale it after?”; “Why do we eat and drink water in order to grow and be adult if soon we’ll be coming back into dust or soil again”?

I kept on wondering why I existed here to seek happiness. After seeking for happiness, then what’s next? Soon I’ll die. What’s the meaning of my eagerness to love and be loved? What’s the worth in giving? Is it receiving back? When I gave and received, what is the next drama? When I’m done searching and giving my best, I will be tired, then just rest.

Before, when I learned how torturous this life is, I became miserable. I envied other people. Why do they have those things I don’t have? Why are they so intelligent, while I am not? Why are they so beautiful while I am just cute? Laughs! Why those who love me are only few while those popular are loved by thousands? What a jealous person I was.  Because of jealousy, I started to lose my spirit and brio. I became so emotional with poor spirit. I felt unloved. My life was just like playing soccer without a goal or a basketball without a basket. I woke up in the morning, lived life as a matter of survival, and then slept again like the sun-set in the west side.

My life seemed to be like a computer game, playing from the start; fighting for my life throughout the game, a matter of surviving in each stage and level. When I already finished the game, I was not even sure if I really enjoyed it. I would go and get some new games to play again. Yes it was. My life was just a computer game before, surviving each day in uncertainty for no important reason at all.

When I reached the age of 23, I got the most indescribable feeling. It was so hot inside my chest but didn’t hurt. It was the first time I lift up my hands to worship God in the World Singles Congress 2010 while singing songs of praises for Him. I almost cry every time I reminisce that feeling. That was the time I decided to open my heart for God to fill its emptiness. I felt that someone was embracing me that time with a hundred percent love. I wished that moment would not end. That was the start of my meaningful life with Him. Everyday I’m talking to Him, telling Him everything about me although I know that He already knows what I am going to say. I am so thankful. Through ups and downs, I keep on seeking for more and more of God. He became the center of my life. And I can’t afford to be away from Him again.

God is so generous that He gave me the great opportunity to serve Him when I was asked to be a mission volunteer. It was my chance to be closer to Him. I know that being a missionary is a serious matter. It’s not like going to beach, having fun, nor taking pictures with friends in the seashore. I know it’s going to be tough often. It is about offering oneself, persecution, rejection, pain, and hurts.

But that’s it; even if it seems I am going to be like a pain-staking one through missions, I will be a person full of brio while serving. Otherwise, I know that in times when I’m doing my best for God through missions, it’s going to be fun, blessed, and exciting. I’m sure that God will not leave me alone in the battle. Before my shield and sword be destroyed, I know that He is going to buy me a new one so that I can defend myself. And I will never be alone here; I have my co-soldiers who will care for me, my brothers and sisters in FFL.

I am truly inspired by those missionaries. They give oneself for love of others and of God. They touch people’s heart and become ways for others to see God and see the beauty of life. Missionaries are not selfish. Missionaries won’t let the happiness they have be just for them alone; instead they share it by all means, by giving their time and resources, and give their life to spread God’s love to all. In that way, I see God through them. Being a missionary means giving love. My happiness is knowing that I am loved and that I can afford to love. My jar of love will never be empty because God is there to refill it always. Receiving love and giving love is the reason of living, isn’t it? And being a missionary is a great way of showing my love for God and for His people.

Faith without action is dead.

Why do I want to be a missionary? – I now know the answer.

I want to be a missionary because I love God. I don’t have the reason to say no. The word YES to God will be my greatest happiness. I want to spend my whole life with Him. And when my time here on earth is up, I’m sure; Father God will welcome me with smile on His face. I will say, “Daddy, I’m home. The game of life was so difficult but I enjoyed it a lot! You are the best coach! So I did my best and gave my all in following your instructions.” and He will say, “Yes I know. I saw it all and I’m very proud of you Sandy. So what’s the prize you want?” and I’ll answer, “Knowing that you are proud of me and seeing you smile is my prize.”

– – – written by Sandy Villeta

August 28th, 2010

Mission Trip by Flor

Mission Trip by Flor

Hello everyone, I am Flor from Mexico, I want to share my first experience of a mission trip with a group of 12 and we went to Tlanchinol, Hidalgo Mexico last week.

When we arrived to Tlanchinol the people were polite with us, in spite of very few facilities (technology, electrical light, water) the life is great anyway. We saw the mountains very close.

First we visited Tenango and Cuatepextla Tlanchinol Hidalgo. We started to walk to invite people to the first service at “Aposento Alto Church” we were walking a lot because the houses are very far, we really saw that they need to have a closer relationship with God, stay on focus with him, many people attended the first service to watch the movie “Ropa Nueva Para Felipe”. It talks about a boy who was sick. His family tried all ways to heal him (doctors, witchcraft), at the end they went to a church and this boy was healed by God´s power. After that we sang together to finish the first service. Our group was connecting with the people there.

The next day we had two services at morning and evening, also we went to invite more people and lots of children this time, in fact the first service was specially for children, as the bible said: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark 10:14). We taught them a biblical lesson represented with dramas. They learned some verses, christian songs, and also participated telling some verses and they won some scholar articles. The children are very intelligent they learn quickly, at the end we gave them a delicious food.

While the other service we ate “a delicious mole” (traditional mexican food) and got ready to start the second service. We wish to do it on the street but it was raining, then the service happened at the church. That day an amazing miracle occurred there, the resident Pastor who since 35 years ago did not hear well, was healed by the God´s power. We have a GOD of wonders.

He told: “I did not hear when someone was calling me, they needed to repeat many times the same, and now I hear them perfectly”. Glory to the Lord! He gave us a victory in that church. They invited us again, and we were all praying for God´s will.

After that we went to San Felipe Tlanchinol Hidalgo “Casa del Alfarero Church”, we talked with the Pastor about the plans there, and then went to invite neighbors giving candies, balloons, bible brochures on the street. This is very important, because many times they are so shy to come to the church. We must be the Light in the Darkness. “to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me.” (Acts 26:18).

As well, we bought some articles to give to ladies and children. They watched the same movie, we believe God touched their hearts. Normally only few attended this church but the day we were there, lots of people turned up. Praise the Lord. We believe in Jesus Name, it will be going better every day. Also we were invited to come there again. We are blessed with this kind of trips, because we can show God´s love to others. And share the Holy scriptures.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.

I am thankful to God. Congratulations to this website! God bless You All!

– written by Flor Idalia Perez Lopez

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