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May 27th, 2010

Pray For God’s Servants

Pray For Gods Servants

The life of a missionary, who is God’s servant, should be model for others and to maintain consistent and constant communication with GOD and regular study and meditation on the word of GOD so that he may overcome the desires of the world and weakness of the flesh. (Colo.1:9-12 and Eph.1:9-11)

The success of the missionary depends on good family relationship. Pray that the missionary’s family life should be exemplary.

Lack of education facilities in area of their work, force them to send their children to far-off places and hence they suffer from loneliness and depression. Pray for the sustaining grace of the Lord at such time and pray for children to be free from home sickness and to be blessed with wisdom , good health and protection.

Illness in a missionary family can be added strain. Most of the missionaries are working in unhealthy environment and are exposed to deadly diseases. Lord, please keep them healthy always.

Most of the mission fields are situated in places which lack of proper communication and transport facilities and many of them working under the shadow of the death because anti-Christian elements. My Lord, please protect your servants from all the dangers of this world.

Immorality is one of Satan’s most effective weapons for eliminating missionary. Both single and married face temptations. Almighty God, help the missionaries whenever Satan strikes them with his evil temptations.

Every missionary has to work with a team of co-workers, church elders and believers. Pray that there would be good understanding between the missionaries and members of his team. Lack of communication between missionaries, their supervisors and local workers can causes conflicts, gossip and division. May that never happen.

Paul, like all missionaries, was concerned about church growth. He wanted to see the gospel spread and be accepted. (2 Thess.3:1.) Pray for the good response of the people so that missionaries can rejoice with a good harvest. And also pray for their ministry extended beyond its current boundaries. (Col.4:3)

Pray for missionary to have boldness to preach the Gospel of Jesus (Eph.6:19) and also pray for them that GOD would give wisdom to understand the situations, the surroundings and the people whom he is working, the culture of the local people and their language. And also pray that GOD would give them wisdom to present gospel effectively.(Col.4:4)

Striving to succeed in God’s work often means long work hours and ministry related traveling and tempting missionaries to neglect their spouses and children. They need a way to establish a GOD – pleasing balance between home and ministry. Slow numerical progress can also discourage missionaries, especially when they hear reports of others success. This may create a spiritual crisis for missionaries and making them doubts their calling and doubt GOD. Please help them O Lord.

Changes in the Government may force missionaries to leave the filed or cause danger to their lives. Pray for stability of the government.

Thanks a lot for your strong commitment to stand with us to pray for the missionaries worldwide. May the Lord harvest and bless all your efforts to make this important mission possible. When we pray, please know that we are not working but believe that our GOD will work for what we prayed.

Prayer is power. Prayer brings victory. Amen.

February 21st, 2010

Missionary with no legs

Missionary Heroes

There was a little boy who once heard how many people in the world do not know the love of Jesus. The boy had a great desire to become a missionary so that he can travel places sharing the love of God.

Unfortunately, one day he met with an accident and lost both his legs. He was laid on the bedside of a window and was supplied with his daily needs. The boy grieved in his heart that he can no longer go places to share the love of Jesus. He was so disappointed.

Then one day an idea struck him, everyday he made small chits with one liners in it that read messages like Jesus Loves You, Jesus Heals You, Jesus Saves You etc. He threw these chits from the window on the travelers who passed by the road. He did these for years but did not see any response.

One day a stranger knocked at the door. He asked if there is anybody on the window-side throwing chits on the road. The stranger was led to the boy.

The stranger said, “I am a rich industrialist. Two years ago I was struck by a strange disease which had no medicine in the medical world. I was then being taken in an ambulance for an emergency surgery. The ambulance happened to stop by the signal that is beside the window when a paper came flying and stuck to the glass window of the ambulance. It read, “Jesus heals you”.

The message renewed my spirit and encouraged me. Jesus healed me miraculously and today I’m completely restored with good health. Thank you for sharing His love with me”.

No matter in which state we are, we can still share the love of God with others and change their lives.

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