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April 13th, 2010

Am I Ready To Meet The Lord

Ready to meet the Lord

The burly miner blinked as he left the dark interior of the coal mine. Stopping at a faucet near the mine entrance, he washed the worst of the grime from his face and hands, then headed towards his home on the outskirts of the village. As he trudged along the dusty lane, he passed the open door of a little church. Inside, a small crowd listened intently as an energetic man gesticulated from the pulpit. Interested, the miner stepped to the door.

“Absolute surrender is what we must have,” the minister was saying. “Are you willing to surrender yourself absolutely into His hand? If not, you are not ready to meet your God.”

The minister paced back and forth on the platform. “We do not know how much longer our earthly probation will last. Tonight you are living; tomorrow may be too late. Ask yourself, I beg of you, ‘Am I ready to meet the Lord?'”

The miner, touched to the quick, slipped into the back pew. I am not ready to meet God, he thought. I have lived a careless, godless life. How can I make peace with Him? The meeting ended, and the people filed out. Still the miner remained in the pew, his head in his hands.

Finally, the minister touched him on the shoulder. “Brother, are you ready to meet the Lord?”

Blindly, the miner shook his head. “I know I am not. Oh, help me find peace!”

An hour passed as the minister shared the plan of salvation; yet something held the miner back from full surrender.

“It’s getting late,” the minister finally said. “Go home, and continue to seek the Lord.”

The miner shook his head. “Stay with me a little longer; it must be settled tonight.”

Once again the minister explained the way of salvation and prayed, but in vain. Another hour passed.

“You must go home,” the minister told him. “It’s late, and I cannot make it any clearer.”

“It must be settled tonight,” the miner repeated, his eyes burning with earnestness.

“Then we shall stay here together,” the minister agreed. Once more he spoke of Jesus, and shared promise after promise. Once more he prayed, but in vain. “I must go,” the minister finally said. “It will soon be morning. Go home, and return tomorrow night. Maybe then you will find peace.”

“Sir, I cannot leave this place until I find peace.”

The poor man’s voice trembled. “Tomorrow may be too late. It must be settled tonight.”

The minister could not resist his appeal. “By the help of God.” he said, “it shall be settled tonight.”

Again he explained the steps of conversion; again he prayed. As he spoke, the miner broke into sobs and tears, and at last the light pierced his darkness.

“I see it!” he cried. “I give myself absolutely to God, to His will, to do only what He wants. It is settled.

Praise His name, it is settled!” The two men knelt again, but this time to thank God for bringing light to a sinner’s soul.

The next morning the miner went to work as usual. During the day he was sent to a distant part of the mine to fetch some tools. When he did not return, his fellow workers went to look for him. They found that the mine walls had caved in on him, and he was buried in the debris. Working with pick and shovel, they began to dig. Finally, from the fragments of rock and rubbish and stone which hid him from sight, came a faint sound:

“Tonight —- would have been —- too late. Thank God —- it was settled — last night!”

Am I ready to meet the Lord?

April 10th, 2010

Discern The Moment

Discern The Moment

In the beginning of this year, we sensed the Lord telling us about a new era and a new season He is bringing about in 2010. There is a supernatural shift that is already happening in the spiritual realm which we will see more clearly during these days.

The devil has tried to pull down the Church through different ways, but Christ is very active in building His Kingdom through His people. There is a new generation rising up who are not interested in religious activities but in the real presence and power of God.

These are days of revival around the world. The Lord is raising up a generation of courageous disciples who will stand with Him and rescue lives from the clutches of the enemy. Ephesians 5: 16 (CEV) says, “These are evil times, so make every minute count”. Consider every minute of your life as precious.

One major thing many churches have downplayed in the last season was on discipleship. Events and activities were on the forefront. Many came to Christian events. But there was meager consistent teaching of the whole truth of God’s Word. This produced fewer disciples and more participants. But in this new season, the tide is turning and there is evolving a new thrust on discipleship.

In this new season, there is going to be a fresh move in evangelism. Believers are going to share the Good News with passion, boldness and grace. They are going to live clean and help others get cleaned up.

God is extra patient because He wants everyone to turn from sin and no one to be lost. That is why Jesus has not yet come to take His Church to His heavenly home. So arise and shine! Rise up early everyday and spend time with God. Study the Bible and meditate on God’s Word. Pray and intercede as the Holy Spirit guides. Follow Christ passionately.

The Lord’s glory is upon you. Don’t wait for the feelings to come to share the love of Christ with people in your community. When you open your mouth and start sharing the gospel, you will see great transformation in them and you will experience joy unspeakable. Join hands with the pastor of your church. If you are not attending a Bible based church, decide to join one and get disciplined there.

Don’t waste time. As we read above, every minute counts in the Kingdom of God. As one Korean car company stated, “If one employee gets three minutes late for the job, we lose one car!”, how much more we, as Christ disciples, must take our work seriously to rescue people from evil traps and bring them into the safe hands of Jesus!

When you seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, God will work for you on your behalf. He will fight the battles for you. He will be your advocate. He will give you the wisdom and the resources to conquer your struggles.

May God help you to discern the moment!

May God help you to stand for Christ and bring many to Christ!

– – – By Joe Abraham & Ancy Joe

March 28th, 2010

Let Me Be Your Vessel Lord

Grace like rain

To grow in God’s grace and knowledge
spend time each day in His Word;
To think we can grasp it all on our own
without doubt can be totally absurd!

We must have His words of wisdom
to daily mature in Him;
Each day will take us to a new level
and in that we can surely win!

To have His grace and knowledge
must be our greatest goal;
Walking out into the dark to reach
that precious one Lost soul.

We may be just a vessel
Made of simply clay;
But he can mold and shape us
in His own perfect way!

My Prayer today is simple
I choose to take up my sword !!
and I say one thing with all my heart

Let Me Be Your Vessel Lord
Let Me Be Your Vessel Lord

– – – By Connie Ciccone © October 2006

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