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September 20th, 2012

Poem : The Existence Of A Creator

The Existence Of A Creator

It has to be ones ego influenced
By an aspect of evil which
We acknowledge to exist
Which leads one to deny as I did
Previously the existence of a Creator
Yes, I was there long before the
Writings of Mr. Dawkins and others

Yes, a God-given power – my intellect
But as I used it I was incapable of belief
Or opposed the concept of a Creator.
Being influenced by the thoughts of
Karl Marx, Freud, and others who have
Passed on…

In a sense in my life I was number ‘One’
Which led to the abandonment of my
Christian faith in-spite of the fact that
In my youth I applied and was accepted
For entrance to a Catholic religious order

But to those who share my past atheistic beliefs
I request them to look into the eyes of a baby
And claim that it came from nothing
Or when it rains hold out ones hand
And reflect upon a raindrop.

– – – written by Liam O Comain

September 20th, 2012

Poem : In The Field Of Silence

In The Field Of Silence

Our Creator
Manifests himself in silence
Within our personal depths
Beyond forms, words, and images…

Suppressing by his grace
All the intermediary layers
And silence will lead us
Into the depths of love.

No longer clinging to
Ideas, feelings, thoughts,
Emotions, gestures, songs,

For by prayer
We communicate solely
By contemplating
Face to face as we adore
From our own condition of clay.

Silence is what remains
When we are purified.
A field open to be strolled
Day by day.

In God I see Creation
For creation comes
From the toil
Of God

The fields, the hills,
The forests, the mountains,
The seas, the rivers,
Animals and human kind
All comes from His heart.

An expression of beauty
In which love is the root
And the field is the clay
In which we are a part.

– – – written by Liam O Comain

August 14th, 2012

Poem : The Truth of Faith

The Truth of Faith

Visions and miracles
As claimed throughout
The history of the Church
Of Christ – the one and only
Fathered by the Pope
Cannot be simply ignored.
In spite of the truth that
Fraudulent cases exist.
The latter by persons
Who are in need of prayer.

Miracles of The Eucharist,
Visions of Our Lady,
Various medically confirmed
Cases of stigmatisation and
Innumerable cures claimed
By many sincere people
Christian and non-Christian
Cannot be swept under the carpet
Of atheism or ignored by agnosticism
Or attacked by misled Protestantism.

Nor can He who established His
Church upon St.Peter be ignored,
Especially His claim that He
And God are One!
A claim endorsed by the history
Of miracles that Jesus performed
Prior to His death and are in tune
With those recorded since the
Old Testament promised
The coming of the Creator of All

In the history of our species
No one matches Jesus
And no other faith is relevant
And why!
Because He is the Son of God,
The Son of Mary,and Our Saviour,
Who arose from the dead as witnessed
And who lives for us in The Eucharist.
In fact the Eucharist is God!

– – – written by Liam Ó Comáin

Recently I saw a Protestant Minister on Irish TV implying that Church Tradition was irrelevant and contending that The Bible was the source of all truth. But later on in the interview the Minister stated that he could not accept that the Eucharist was Jesus – that he had no time for cannibalism.

Surely, this contradicts his earlier statement regarding the Holy Word? Was Jesus lying when he said “This is my body…”? Thus thank God for the Catholic Church and Jesus guarantee that it would always express the truth in matters of faith and morals. – Liam Ó Comáin

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