Poem : In The Field Of Silence

In The Field Of Silence

Our Creator
Manifests himself in silence
Within our personal depths
Beyond forms, words, and images…

Suppressing by his grace
All the intermediary layers
And silence will lead us
Into the depths of love.

No longer clinging to
Ideas, feelings, thoughts,
Emotions, gestures, songs,

For by prayer
We communicate solely
By contemplating
Face to face as we adore
From our own condition of clay.

Silence is what remains
When we are purified.
A field open to be strolled
Day by day.

In God I see Creation
For creation comes
From the toil
Of God

The fields, the hills,
The forests, the mountains,
The seas, the rivers,
Animals and human kind
All comes from His heart.

An expression of beauty
In which love is the root
And the field is the clay
In which we are a part.

– – – written by Liam O Comain

3 thoughts on “Poem : In The Field Of Silence”

    Our Blessed Sacrament- our beloved Eucharist
    Is our one and only God: the eternal source of
    All that is!
    Of three Persons our Blessed Trinity-
    The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit;
    Of whom the Son became ‘man’ in the womb
    Of the Immaculate Virgin, Our Mother Mary,
    In order to teach, suffer, and die for
    humanity so as to ensure our eternal
    Salvation because of His love for us…
    Thus! accept His offer of the Bread of Life
    Which is Himself and abide eternally with our
    One and only God… The loving Father of our
    race who dwells within us and the rest
    Of Creation.


    It is not my intention to hurt anyone through my belief that the coming into being of other so called churches resulted from the continuing onslaught of Lucifer against the Church of Christ. Which sincere believers in those other churches and cults would not accept but the Word of God states truthfully that one church and one church only was established and that Church’s existence was assured in-spite of heresy fed by Satan in order to destroy it . A guarantee reinforced by Jesus when he assured St. Peter – the first human father of the Church- that the gates of hell would not prevail against it.

    A continuing offensive, today, which involves aside from the abortionistic, atheistic, agnostic, secular, and media elements, etc., of Satan’s milieu our Priests and Religious have fallen victim to the onslaught of the father of lies as he tries to destroy the Priesthood. Lucifer knows that if he can destroy the Priesthood the Church will not last long. But it is doomed to failure because of the original guarantees of its founder, Jesus.

    Thus the sins of some clergy and religious today implies that Satan is using them as a method of attempting a destruction of the Church. As in the past he used the claims of ‘heresy’ and the concept of ‘reform’ in his struggle against the Body of Christ. Also in the history of the Catholic or Universal Church Satan in the past, as now, has used the sinful behaviour of even Popes to attempt to destroy it. But the source of all evil is banging against the grace of the Holy Spirit, and what he does is doomed to failure.

    On this matter my final reference to modern clerical betrayal we must not forget that two of Christ’s chosen apostles betrayed Our Saviour, that is, Judas and Peter. Yes, in-spite of his love for them and their witness of his statements and acts confirming who he claimed to be Judas sold him for thirty pieces of silver to his enemies and Peter who was the first leader of his Church (in modern terms-1st Pope) denied him three times. Thus if it can happen at that level Satan can manipulate from top to bottom the Church’s membership if we stop following Jesus. For Juan de le Cruz in his writings emphasises that the way to life eternal is narrow and to traverse it we must deny ourselves by imitating Christ including his experience of the cross. Any lapse in this is dangerous as our Christian history confirms.

    Let us work and pray daily for Christian Unity
    For it is the Will of Our Creator!

  3. Let us pray and work for Christian unity!!!!!!!

    It is satanic insanity to claim that the Catholic Church is not the Church established by Jesus and that all the so called churches formed after the Catholic Church is the TRUE church.Thus contrary to Biblical Truth Jesus established more than ONE CHURCH!!!!!!!


    Please come away from satan’s egotistical influence!If not you are illogical and a part of his offensive against Christ,our Saviour!

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