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Slideshow Transcript : Experiencing God by Alan Ames Part 01

My desire is to totally abandon myself in Christ, to be lost in His love, as my soul can never be satisfied in the things of the world. The hunger I have within cannot be fed with anything else except Christ, Our Lord.

The passion of love I experience when He touches me is the passion of love I want to feel always. When He exposes His love to me and embraces my soul, my spirit, my heart, my physical self, all of me in His love, I know the fullness of love and of life and this fullness I desire to have forever.

From the moment Jesus, Our Lord, touched and caressed my soul with His love a doorway opened. It was a doorway of love through which the Lord led me. It is through this doorway I discovered, by the grace of God, the Father’s love and the Holy Spirit’s love. Jesus led me deep into the Trinitarian heart of love that is God’s heart. A love so overpowering, a love that is beyond the senses, yet it is felt deep within the soul, a love that sets the soul on fire. A fire I never want to stop burning.

This Trinitarian love, while it is the same love with the Father, as with the Son and the Holy Spirit is different with each. This love is like a fountain of fire flowing within, pouring out ever stronger love, pouring out ever tender love, pouring out ever merciful love. Oh such sweet love that fills the being with the knowledge of the truth that God is One, yet God is Three.

In my life before I knew God I was walking blindly through a desert. This desert was one I created in my denial of God. I was alone in my selfishness and sinfulness as I distanced myself from God by thinking only of self and distanced myself from others by not caring about them.

It was only when an oasis of love appeared before me, beckoning me to it, that I started to see the truth. As I changed direction and headed toward the oasis it became clearer and clearer what a world I had created for myself in sin. Then on that glorious day when I reached the oasis of love I was at first hesitant, unsure whether to enter its waters or not.

As the water gently caressed me I turned to look back at the desert I had left behind and sadness came upon me as I saw how foolish I had been. Now I knew the oasis of love had always been there for me, as it is for all people, and that there had been no need for me to be alone thirsting in the desert.

As the water refreshed my being within it I could feel and hear the words: ‘Stay with Me forever.’ My heart beat with excitement at the thought of never leaving the water of love that was surrounding and comforting me. Deep in my soul the words exploded forth, ‘Yes, I want to stay with You forever.’

Now I just wanted to remain there forever, sinking ever deep into the eternal oasis of love. Now my entire being, mind, body, soul and humanity resounded with love. Now no longer did I desire anything except the water of love. Then the One who loves me spoke, saying, ‘Many do not drink of this water and do not know of this water. Go tell them.’

Inside me a desire began to grow, a desire that all should come and bathe in the oasis of love so that they could also find the love, the peace, the joy and the security that I have found. The deeper into the water I went the stronger this desire became because the more you are immersed in the water of love and of life the more you desire to share it.

As the Lord’s love touches and fills my soul the light of His love envelops it.

In this light the soul shines brightly as it is glorified in God’s love. Experiencing this divine light, this divine glory brings the certainty of the knowledge of God’s loving truth. As I was drawn into His light it became obvious how wrong sin is and how the dark is to be avoided at all costs. In the light of God is all that is good, whereas in the darkness is all that is bad.

As I came to discover this truth a hatred for sin grew within me. Now when I sin at times a sorrow fills my heart as I know then that darkness has pierced my soul. I am driven by the longing to remain in the light of God’s love to confess my sins so that once more my soul can be free of darkness.

The End of Part 1

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