Science And Religion Can Coexist

Science and religion can coexist. Science deals with matter perceived by our five senses. Spirituality deals with a sense beyond the fifth, called the soul.

The chief scientist in charge of the human genome project has written a book called “The Language of God”. His name is Francis S Collins. In his book, this scientist explains how he has marveled at the three billion lettered encrypted code of life in every cell of the human species. He calls it the language of God. Buy the book from Amazon.

God has created the human flesh from the elements of the earth. Collins explains how God took a five-carbon sugar, a nitrogen containing base and a phosphate group to make a letter called the nucleotide. He attached the nucleotides in an encrypted order and twisted it in a spiral form and placed it in the nucleus of our cells. The human genome project was a great accomplishment as it read the whole text of human heredity. On the eve of the release of the human genome project, the president of America called it “the language of God”.

God breathed his spirit into the flesh of Adam and created him in his image. The flesh of Adam was taken from the elements of the earth like carbon, nitrogen and phosphate.

The spirit of Adam was born from the Spirit of God. Man is a spiritual being. What is born of the flesh is flesh and what is born of the spirit is spirit. Man has body, mind and soul. The soul of man joins God.

I have heard arguments from bloated up and egocentric scientists who tell that spirituality and science cannot coexist. It is wrong. The more I have studied the principles of biology, the more I am convinced about the existence of a creator. I may be labeled as an ignorant fool, a naïve fundamentalist or a spiritual apologetic by the “intellectuals” of this world, but I am happy to say that I am humble enough to accept my ignorance.

Albert Einstein said “Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind”.

Science and religion can coexist. Dialogue is possible. Science deals with matter perceived by our five senses. Spirituality deals with a sense beyond the fifth, called the soul. Bible is not a scientific treatise; it is a spiritual guide-book.

God’s business is the spirituality of man and his eternal life with God and not about proving or disproving the principles of Isaac Newton. Metaphysics begins where physics ends.

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Don’t be blinded. Look at the marvels of nature and life. You can see the fingerprints of God.

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