Enjoy The Journey Of Life

Enjoy The Journey Of Life

If you are going to wait to enjoy until you reach your destination, you may have to suffer a whole lot of sad days! There are many good folks who suffer like this. But why do you want to suffer when you have the choice to enjoy?

Enjoyment is not solely dependent on the final outcome but on the hundreds of small results that lead to the grand finale. It is not just about the event but involves everything that brings about the event. It is all about enjoying every second.

Some may say that we can’t enjoy during certain seasons. It is true that seasons differ. Nevertheless you can enjoy during every season because enjoyment is a choice. The following story pictures it perfectly:

Two men were admitted in the same hospital room. Both were seriously ill. Every morning the one on the bed by the window would happily describe in detail all the beautiful things he saw outside. The other man used to hear it and wished one day he could also see those beautiful sights. One morning the nurse found that the man by the window was dead. The other man patiently waited for the nurse to move him to the bed by the window. At last, he was moved to that bed he was waiting for. The moment the nurse left the room, he anxiously turned his face to the window. But all that he could see was a huge brick wall outside – no flowers, no birds, nothing! He felt totally broken and empty.

Did you get it? One man was enjoying his last days by saying what he wanted to see. But the other man was suffering because of what he couldn’t see. It was a choice!

That is why Apostle Paul wrote, “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4). He wrote it while in chains in a Roman jail for preaching the gospel! In other words, he had a joyful attitude even when the situation around him was hopeless. But it was his choice. And he chose to rejoice in Christ and for being a prisoner for Christ’s sake.

Decide to enjoy your journey. What benefits does it provide? Here are four of them:

1. Seeing life as a series of events, not just a single event.
That’s the beauty of life. It is not monotonous at all.

2. Strength to handle more pressure.
Since there are different small events in the process, we build up ‘muscles’ to handle more pressure on the go.

3. Less prone to disappointments.
Since there are numerous avenues to work on, failing in some areas don’t bother heavily. There are more chances to win than lose.

4. Prolonged joy.
As we focus on enjoying every moment every day, the longevity of joy increases.

Remember: to begin and maintain 2012 afresh, you got to decide to enjoy the journey of life in spite of different stuff you may have to go through. Trust in Christ and you are on the Victor’s side!

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Question: What other benefits do you reap as a result of choosing to enjoy your journey of life? Add your comments below.

– – – written by Joe Abraham from www.joeandancy.com

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