Spiritual life is a Computer

Computer Praying Hands

God made a computer (man) with:

Spirit – processor,

Soul – monitor,

Body – keyboard. (I Thess 5:23) and Placed him in the home called Eden.

Satan created & spread the virus (sin).

Jesus sacrifice & blood is the anti-virus (forgiveness of sins).

Accepting Jesus in the heart is reinstalling (born again).

Making Jesus Lord of life is the operating system.

Daily walk with Jesus is the firewall protection (protection from evil).

Praise and worship is the spiderweb software (protects from attacks).

Renewing the mind is the screen saver.

Holy Spirit is the power cord.

Obeying God’s word is the control panel.

Prayer is the Internet connection (connects to God).

Heaven is the main server.

Believers around the world is the network.

Transformed life is the website.

Fellowship with believers is chatting.

Sharing Christ & witnessing is sending email.

We are sinners is the user name.

Salvation is the password.

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