Right At Christmas Night

Right At Christmas Night

Then Joseph got up, took the child and his mother by night, and went to Egypt (Mt. 2:14)

Joseph had the dream when he was asleep at midnight. The angel of the Lord instructed him to take Child Jesus and Mary with him to Egypt. He did not wait for morning or to bid farewell to the relatives and neighbors. He proceeded right at that night. If they had waited for the day, people would realize where they had gone and what they are doing.

Later when the soldiers of Herod come for enquiry, they would know from the people where the Holy Family had gone and would pursue them. If the soldiers followed, the life of the infant would have been at risk. Since they left house at night, neighbors couldn’t know of the facts. It paved way for the smooth execution of God’s plan.

It is not necessary that we succeed in life, just knowing the Will of God or taking the right decision. Delay in putting into practice the Will of God may block the plans of God. The fruitfulness of a good decision may be ruined in the delay of putting them into practice. Failure overshadows many lives, not because they lack good decisions, but because they are delaying the execution of the good decisions they have already taken.

How many people repent and take decisions to correct themselves. Yet their hearts become stubborn, since they are lazy to put into practice those decisions. It may not be in highly favorable situations of life, that the Lord calls us and entrust us with a mission. For example take the case of Prophet Elisha. It is when he was ploughing the field using the oxen that the blanket of Elijah falls on him. He did not wait till harvest to respond to the call of the Lord. In a moment he stopped his work and got down into the field of the Lord.

For Israelites the way to escape from the Egyptians was open at night. They fastened their belt, took the staff, ate Passover in haste and left the country. What would happen if they hadn’t done so? Since the Egyptians were mourning over the sudden demise of their first born, they could not find time to do anything. While they overcame this, God knew that they would pursue the Israelites. So it was necessary that the Israelites get out of the country very fast and within no time.

Are you in the prison of unexecuted good decisions? The delay in executing the good decisions in family life, work place, business, relationships and spiritual life would bring us failure. The main reasons of postponing the execution of good decisions are fear arising out of feeble faith and laziness arising out of our love for the flesh.

Those people who do not say ‘No’ to sin cannot accomplish God’s Will in their life. Therefore the first decision to execute in our life is to bid farewell to sin. That will surely strengthen us in our faith.


Lord… great and promising indeed are the inspirations and the good thoughts that you had given to us! But many a number of decisions that we had taken based on them is yet to be fulfilled in our life. Help us in our weakness. Fill us with your Holy Spirit so that we may be able to fulfill God’s plan in our lives. Amen.

– – – written by Benny Punnathara

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