Five Christmas Thoughts During Christmas Eve

During this Christmas Eve, I am sharing with you 5 wonderful thoughts about the birth of Jesus, our Lord. They are:

1. It’s through His birth as a baby that Jesus revealed God in human form.
Till then, God was someone who was up there. But now, He became someone you can touch!

2. Jesus is not a mythical figure. His birth is recorded in history.
If someone tries to take Jesus out of history, the only way is to destroy history.

3. Birth of Jesus was a miracle. Mary didn’t know how it would happen.
Joseph just obeyed the angel. God loves doing miracles in our lives.

4. Joseph and Mary were channels that God used to accomplish His work.
They weren’t special. They weren’t perfect. They were willing.
God wants us to be willing channels for accomplishing His plans.

5. Jesus’ birth was joyful news to people of different cultures and classes.
He wasn’t restricted to a select few. His salvation is available to all people.

On this Christmas Eve, what else comes to your mind about Jesus’ birth? Share your thoughts in the comments section here.

– – – written by Joe Abraham from