Poem : If nobody smiled and nobody cared


If nobody smiled and nobody cared
and nobody helped us along.
If every moment looked after itself and
good things always went to the strong;

If nobody cared just a little about you
and nobody cared about me,
and we stood alone, in the battle of life,
What a dreary old world this would be.

Life is sweet, just because of
friends we have made
and the things which in common we share.
We want to live on, not because of ourselves,
but because of the people who care.

It is doing and giving for somebody else
on which all of life’s splendor depends.
The joy of this world, when you’ve
summed it all up,
is found in the making of friends.

– – – written by Lade Thomas Conlee

3 thoughts on “Poem : If nobody smiled and nobody cared”

  1. What a beautiful poem. When friends come into your learn at a time when what they have to offer you is needed they have truly been sent by God! I have a friend like this right now whom God sent at the exact moment in my life when I needed her the most. What an awesome God we serve. He is truly, truly all-knowing. God bless and thank you for this beautiful poem.

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