Mobile Wallpapers of Jesus Christ – Set 05

Mobile Wallpapers of Jesus Christ – Set 05 is given above.

You can click on any of the above free mobile wallpapers of Jesus Christ and save the full sized image to your computer. Then send them to your mobile handset using data cable or bluetooth. Buy a bluetooth dongle, if your desktop computer doesn’t have bluetooth.

All the above 12 images are of 240×320 dimensions, the ideal mobile wallpaper resolution. Try each one in your mobile handset to know which one looks best on your handset. You can also edit the picture resolutions of the above mobile wallpapers using a picture editing tool, if your mobile handset supports wallpapers of some other dimensions other than 240×320 pixels.

Many more sets of free mobile wallpapers of Jesus Christ are remaining with us. It won’t be a good idea if we publish all of them on one day. So please be patient and wait for our next set 06 of mobile Jesus Christ wallpapers.

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  1. Praise the Lord for such a wonderful site, i will advise all to see this site at least once because it is a very good site.

  2. he is an great father of everyone in earth.he loves everybody in univers.he shed blood for each and everyone.i agreed him as my saver but i never lived according to the word of god.though he giving me so many changes an a great sinner in the presences of lord.friends pls belive n keep trust on jesus surely he will saves u n ur soul from hell.jesus loves u my dear friends.

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