Jesus Christ Wallpapers For Mobile – Set 04

Jesus Christ Wallpapers For Mobile – Set 04 is here in TBTG now.

Check out the above 12 Jesus Christ Wallpapers for Mobile Phones. This set has mobile wallpapers of Jesus with Children. Choose your favorite one from the above set of 12 mobile wallpapers of Jesus with Children.

Why Jesus loves children a lot? Its a simple question, rt? Because they are so pure, gentle, sinless at heart. It would have been awesome if we were like children now (not in every respect!!!! LOL!). But Jesus Christ told us that we have to be like Children at heart to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. A huge task i admit. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying it.

Take a look at the 12 Jesus Christ Wallpapers for Mobile phone displays, given above in this article. I assure you that we will be adding more like this. Save them to your PC and transfer them via data cable/bluetooth to your mobile handset. Thats it.

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12 thoughts on “Jesus Christ Wallpapers For Mobile – Set 04”

  1. Hello Georgy,
    I love the contents of this site. Every picture is magnificent. I have read many stories on this site which really touched my heart. I have learnt a lot about Jesus from your site. I want to read The Bible but there are so many versions available in the market. I don’t know how to chose. Can you please help me?

  2. Cling only to The Cross of Jesus!

    I have had this dream. In this dream myself and
    another were given total freedom. This freedom was
    only through the Cross of Jesus.

    There was an enemy to this freedom. He hated the
    light but could not take it from us. The only way to
    destroy us was to use trickery to convince us there
    was more freedom without the Cross – without our

    We were led to a place where one person, in
    prison was so filled with light, that even in isolation
    GOD’s LIGHT penetrated the night and many saw
    Jesus’ freedom through the one person in prison.

    Children, do not trade your Cross for ANYTHING
    ELSE! Hold fast only to Jesus. The enemy waits,
    and will tempt with whatever thing or person or substitute
    he may find. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Stay in Jesus!
    Stay in the Cross! There is pure power, pure freedom,
    only in the Cross of JESUS!

  3. What a great site,
    Ladies, Gents ,Persons,
    I really enjoy the images on you site and I like to share and use some of them in our church to enhance the service.
    Will it violate any copyrights if I download some of them and show them on our newly installed video projection system during the sermons?
    Like to hear from you,

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