LordMovie Website

Lord Movie website

Friends, I stumbled across a website named LordMovie.com

Its all connected with the Holy Land. Lets hear what its owner Nicola has to say.

About LordMovie website:

My name is Nicola, as a Christian born in the Holy Land, I have been blessed with the joy of discovering Israel religiously. In turn, I’m even more delighted to be able to share my discoveries with others just like you.

The domain Lord Movie was inspired by its proximity to historical places of worship which I frequent on a regular basis.

I have created this website with the intent to showcase religious sites in the Holy Land and to exhibit religious articles made in the Holy Land by its Christian inhabitants.

You will see a magnificent collection of olivewood rosaries, olivewood crosses, olivewood statues, silver art, and jewelry all from Jerusalem. A list of hotels, restaurants and their availability is also given here, to assist you if you are planning to visit the Holy Land.

If you are interested in acquiring any of the items for yourself, or your loved ones, please contact me at: nicol_kanaan@hotmail.com. For each purchase you make, 10% will be donated to churches across the Holy Land to assist in community work, and to assist fellow Christians in need of hope and a better future.

Visit the website:

The URL of the website :  www.lordmovie.com

Its a very good website with many Christian stuff to buy like Holy Land Rosary, Jerusalem Scented Rosary, Olive Seeds Rosary. A real helpful guide if you are planing a pilgrimage to Holy Land. The site has other useful spiritual articles too. Check them out now.

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