Not Extraordinary Enough

Not Extraordinary Enough

Some people ask for signs to reveal them that God is Real. They ask for very big miracles, just like the above one. And even if somehow it happens, they will find another way out not to believe it.

But, one may not  wait for these great signs to reveal to him on God’s existence. The simple fact that one is alive today is a sign. God  works daily in our lives, executing His plan about us. Try to spot Him working through our lives through simple incidents. And for an Atheist, even the miracle above will not be enough to become a theist.

Please don’t wait or ask for miracles.

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  1. nice man but i really think you should stop cursing thou shalt not use gods name in vain for the lord shalt not give him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. plus there are kids that look at this website i am a kid i am 10 yesars old.

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