Do you care if your beliefs are true?

Do you care if your beliefs are true

Got the message? Yes…You should know why you believe in something, not like the priest above. Read the Bible, go for group prayer, consult your parish priest, take part in good christian things like Jesus Youth. Know your God and be firm in your beliefs, not that someone told you that its so when you were 8 years of age. You must be capable of explaining to anyone why you are a christian now and why you choose to remain so.

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  1. This is an anti-Catholic post. The Vatican II Council that met in the 1970’s changed the way Catholicism is taught to people. We now have Bible study classes and a better understanding of what we believe. There is still the mystery of faith, of believing what cannot be understood. We know it is true because we see the result of prayer and sacrifice, yet cannot explain it in scientific terms. True faith includes both wisdom and knowledge.

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