This Life is all you get, so LIVE IT

This Life is all you get

This Life is all you get, so LIVE IT…I am sure you have heard this at some point in your life.

Yes! Life is really really so short and this is the single one life that you will ever get (I suppose, you don’t believe in rebirths as Hindus do). So it seems perfectly alright that we must enjoy it to the maximum, as we got only, what should I say, 60 or 70 (should we go for 80 n 90?) years here on this Earth? Yes, we must do that, try several adventurous things here, have a great time with our friends, partying and all that stuff that we really love to do, along with our career.

But there is something more. GIVING THANKS! Giving thanks to our creator, because of whom we are all here on this lovely Earth, doing all these activities. He fully deserves our thanks and praise, for He is God Almighty who created us. We can only repay Him by living a life which will be pleasing to Him. Please don’t hurt your creator while you have all the fun in this planet, for that will be the unkindest cut of all.

But, yes, we are humans. To err is human. But try to keep it to the bare minimum and remember to thank Him as often as you can and live as He wants us to, avoiding sins as much as possible, even while enjoying your numbered days on this Earth.

Because if Earth is so beautiful, you really don’t want to miss Heaven, right?

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