When Does Bible Reading Really Click?

Bible Reading Clicks

Draw close to God, and He will draw close to you – (James 4:8)

The cornflowers in our front yard give a vibrant display of purple beauty for a few weeks each summer. Then they turn brown and the petals fall away, leaving the seed head only which looks very unattractive. I considered cutting them at the base of the stalk, but first I read about this particular flower in my perennial garden book. It advised leaving the seed heads because birds enjoy eating these seeds. I thought, O.K., I’ll do what the book says– just follow directions.

Yesterday I saw a beautiful goldfinch sitting on top of one of the flower heads, eating the seeds to its heart’s content. It was such a beautiful sight, and such a wonderful experience for me. I had seen exactly what I read about in the book.

—————- —————- —————–

The same is true when one reads the Bible. There are stories, parables, and truths galore. We may store up head knowledge and may be able to spout off scripture- chapter and verse!

However, it is not until we have that personal encounter — when we really experience for ourselves that Jesus is alive and with us now that we become excited about being a Christian.

Then, all the Bible reading we have done really “click,” and we say –“ Yes, Lord!! This is fantastic!!”

I am thankful I have had that first hand experience with our Living Lord, and I have received joy beyond measure. I am also thankful for our Bible – for its truths are real and available to us each day of our lives.

I am delighted that God reminded me of this truth through a dried out cornflower and a goldfinch. He touches my life in the most delightful ways!

– – – written by Marion Smith

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