Prayer Before Reading The Bible

Prayer before reading the Bible

Merciful God, anoint me with your Holy Spirit.

And as I read your word, let me hear your voice speaking to me from within.

Give me wisdom to understand your message to me.

Let your word be the joy of my heart and the lamp to my feet.

Give me strength to build my life on your word.

Let it be done unto me according to your word.

May I rejoice in the blessedness of hearing your word and keeping it.

Speak Lord, your servant is listening…

Thank you Jesus… Praise you Lord

– – – written by Rinty Vincent

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11 thoughts on “Prayer Before Reading The Bible”

  1. I hope you do not mind I am sharing this with a Bible study group I am in. I am giving you full credit and linking to this site.

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Yes ofcourse. You can share any of our posts here in TBTG with all your friends, with a link back to our corresponding page. You are welcome.

    God Bless You

  3. i would like to thank you for this pray about reading the bible .but praying first before reading the bible ,its the most beauitful pray and i been looking for a pray to pray .and i found one here .thank you very much .now i will be so faithful to my lord by do this first before reading the bible thank you so much.your sister jody

  4. thank u for this anointed prayer. i believe it will dispel outside forces, of man or/and of spirit, to do my thinking. Holy Spirit of God will facilitate my transformation by renewal of my mind. God be glorified to allow me draw power in the Name of JESUS,the Blood of JESUS and the Word of GOD.


  5. thanks i will share with my family first then to the rest. this is because the church starts at home and spreads outward. thanks for the great holy word.

  6. I want to Thank you for this bible reading prayer and i am new to christian, i have been looking for way how to start and bible study i hope u can help… God bless.

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