Jesus Christ Framed Pictures

Jesus Christ Framed Pictures : about 20 Jesus frames are given right above.

Take a look at each of the above thumbnail images to see the maximized image of Jesus Christ picture in a frame with 1024×768 dimensions, some with even Bible verses over the picture frame. You can then right-away go ahead and right-click on the full-sized image and save the image to your computer to set it as your desktop wallpaper. All are ideal wallpapers as all the above have 1024×768 resolution.

The 20 pictures portray different types of images like Agony in the Garden, Ascension, Christus Rex, Gethsemane, God Keeps Going, Holy Family, Holy Mass, Pieta, Resurrection, Sacred Heart, Take Up Your Cross, The Right Words, This Is My Blood, Thy Will Be Done, Trinity, Unite Your Sufferings With Mine and To Jesus Through Mary.

We have plenty of other framed pictures, some with Mother Mary and other types. We will be soon adding those framed pictures also to TBTG. Keep checking the pictures category more often. God bless you all.

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  1. Dear Brother,

    But JESUS is the only GOD who gave his life for us !

    HE Loves you so much … ! Do you have anybody else to give their life just for u ??

  2. I have made with the help of the Lord a line of Jesus on the cross Pictures. My pictures tell people how they can become a Christian. How to get saved. How to go to heaven.My pictures are 8.5″x 11″ pictures.Will you buy or sell my pictures?

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