How To Find Your Partner From God

Find Your Partner From God

Life is to be submitted to God to find its partner from God.

The decision for a mate must be made on a spiritual and intellectual basis before it’s made on an emotional one, we must allow our Heavenly Father to do the picking. “What about love? Shouldn’t that be considered?” you may ask. No, and I’ll tell you why. “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? (Jer. 17:9). The heart is willful and is driven by its own agenda. It does not consider things rationally and intelligently—it just loves to love! Therefore, you have to point it in the right directions: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (Prov. 4:23).

Whenever you meet a man, you need to get clearance from God, check out his attributes, and then allow your heart to engage.

Friendship is two people walking together in agreement and accountability, learning and growing together. Courtship follows the mutual agreement to commit to one another exclusively—it is the decisive turning toward the agreed-upon goal of the marriage altar. It is a period of laying a foundation and preparing your life together after marriage.

1. Does this man have an intimate relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ? Does he care what God thinks about his behavior? Is the person mate material? Is he accountable to God as well as another co-laborer in the faith? Accountability is an important factor. It is imperative to maintaining a committed relationship. Is your potential spouse a member of the same family—the family of God? Scripture is clear on this: “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” (2 Cor. 6:14).

You need to have common interests and values and agree on the essentials of living day to day. You have a similar spiritual walk. You eat the same spiritual diet. You enjoy a lot of similar things. You have like interests, like goals in life, like opinions on basic life issues. You have had like experiences in your background. Though there is some truth to the idiom that opposites attract, like-minded folks fare better together. Furthermore, does he want to get married? If you want to be married and your dreamboat isn’t interested, don’t waste your time.

Remember, women fall in love and get married. Men decide to get married and then look for a wife. Note the difference in order. So if a guy says he’s not looking for anything serious, take his words seriously. If he’s not going in your direction, get off the bus and wait for the right one.

2. Does this man want you? Is he pursuing you? The man who is right for you will pursue you, and God’s hand in the relationship will be clear. No guessing, no fleeces, no dead ends. Scripture says: “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord” (Prov. 18:22 ). Note —who finds whom? THE MAN FINDS THE WIFE. From the beginning of time, God has transported men and women across the world in order to put them together. At the RIGHT TIME, He will bring that man on the scene and he will find you.

In God’s perfect design, the man is the one who recognizes his mate. Adam had no problem recognizing that Eve was his missing rib. You do not need to strategically place yourself anywhere. You don’t have to help a guy out because he’s shy! Men will do whatever they have to do to get what they truly want. The man in your life should recognize you as the pearl of great price in his life and be willing to do whatever he must in order to gain your hand. If he is passive about gaining your affections, take it as a sign that he is not interested. Many a woman’s mother has suggested that it is a good idea to marry a man who loves you more than you love him. As cold as that sounds, it actually might be scriptural if you stop to think about it: “We love him because He first loved us” (1 Jn 4:19 ).

Until then, take the ultimate chill pill You don’t need a bunch of men in your life to make you feel all right about yourself. You need only one man—your man, the one God has selected to select you. And trust me, the right man at the wrong time can be just as awful as the wrong man at any time. So trust God’s timing in this. He is the ultimate matchmaker. Relax, sit pretty and allow yourself to be found. Again,—WAIT until the man voices his intentions. He should take the lead in establishing the relationship. You may have an inkling that he is the one, but God will use the man to set the tone of the relationship. Allow him the opportunity to flatter you—this is your first act of submission. Jesus set the standard for all men to follow.

3. A man who is husband material has the means to take care of a wife. He is a responsible human being who understands he needs to have something to offer.

4. Everyone knows birds of the same feather flock together. A man’s pals tell you a lot about the person that you haven’t seen yet. They reveal things about the guy’s character that might be hidden when he is on good behavior.

5. Check his relationship with his mother. How does he treat her? This is your preview of how he will treat you. There are lots of men who, because of a negative relationship with their mothers, really don’t like women, yet say they do. Unresolved issues between mother and son continue between husband and wife.

6. Does this man have a vision for his life? Is he running with that vision? Remember, God decided Adam needed help once Adam got busy DOING his assignment. Is the man in your life guided by sense of destiny and purpose, or does he just allow life to happen around him? A man who is not certain of his mission can be a most miserable person—and you’ll be miserable too. A man who has vision is not intimidated by a woman whose mission statement is clear. He will be your best ally, cheerleader and assistant because he wants you both to make it! A man who cannot be supportive of your achievements because he is floundering in a sea of uncertainty over his own life is not a healthy partner to have and to hold forever.

Creating dependencies or feelings of obligation is not the way to get the best out of your man. Somewhere along the way, he will resent you and flee from the smothering burden of obligation he associates you with. You want a man who is firmly anchored in his identity in Christ. Remember, we are looking for a man who will be priest and leader in his home. His first instinct should be to want to cover you, redeem you, and provide for you. Your job is to decide if this is the man God has ordained for you to complement.

7. Do your talents and gifts complement his? Do his gifts complement yours? What about your temperaments? Do you see the two of you as an effective team capable of bringing blessing to the lives of those around you? Can you coordinate your gifts in an attractive and effective way? This is why knowing your purpose is so important. Make sure your hearts beat for mutual causes. When I go shopping I always consider the fabric, the fit and what I already have in my closet. Will my next purchase be a complementary addition to what I already have? If the man you meet makes you feel that you need to completely reinvent yourself, something is wrong. This is where I ask you to consider the relationship in terms of cost.

Is this relationship expensive spiritually, emotionally, or physically? Does your longing for a mate make you willing to forfeit who you are in the process? Or does he see you as the gift that you are? The man in your life should consider you as a rare find, a priceless jewel—because of you he is getting ready to get blessed big-time! Any relationship that causes you to feel unworthy, unlovely, unacceptable, undesirable, or that you have to work for love, is too expensive! God has called the man to cover, protect, and provide not only materially for a woman, but emotionally and spiritually as well. You should be richer in mind, body and spirit for your union with the man of your dreams. The man in your life should make rich deposits into your heart and spirit, not withdrawals.

8. Does he have a healthy love & acceptance of himself? Make sure the man in your life has taken time to heal from past relationships and has made peace with himself. He cares for himself is how he will care for you. A man’s relationship with God is crucial here. His love for himself will only be as strong as his love for God. In his rightful place as your personal priest, he should be leading you to a richer relationship with Christ. If he is causing you to compromise your faith and destabilize your walk, if he is leading you into sexual sin or causing you to be distracted from your commitment to Christ, the relationship is too expensive.

Offending the Lover of your soul, who promises you eternal love, is too high a fare to pay for a ride that has a limited run.

If you and your man can’t soar in the Spirit, when the force of your love for another is tested by the pull or gravity of the world, your union will not be able to survive. So you decide How much is your life worth? How much is your love worth? You will be able to accept only what you believe you deserve.

God Himself calculated the worth of your love and decided it was worth His life. He now pledges you His love for eternity. Yes, Jesus sets the example for all others to follow when He paid a ransom for His bride. Should you expect less from a mortal man? Throughout the Biblical age, men were willing to pay the cost for the hand that they desired. The truth of the matter is, everyone knows that anything worth having, costs. And no one gets a ride in this life for free.

Let us pray:

Dear Heavenly Father, I confess that I have not always been as careful as I should’ve been with my heart. From time to time, my desire for love has caused me to leave my heart in the wrong hands. I now commit my heart into Your hands for safekeeping. Please help me to stop being so impulsive with what you deem so precious. As I learn to celebrate Your love for me, let me learn from Your example what a bridegroom should really be like. Help me to never settle for less than what you desire for me.

As I embrace You as the Lover of my soul, keep my affections in the haven of Your own heart. As I rest in Your love, make me more discriminating of those who approach me. I ask that You take over this area of my life. Keep me from those You know would hurt my heart. I invite You to set a hedge around me and keep me from all who would draw me into unfruitful relationships until the day you present me to the mate that You have selected for me. Grant me the discernment to recognize him as he recognizes me.

Cleanse me from the temptation to typecast the men I meet according to what I see. Help me to trust in Your knowledge and lean not on my own understanding. I know that You know what is best for me; therefore I yield to Your choice. In Jesus Name. Amen.

– – – written by Sharon Joseph

47 thoughts on “How To Find Your Partner From God”

  1. Great post!!!

    I really agree with your points about a man needing to have a relationship with God through Christ.

    Also, your point that “women fall in love and get married. Men decide to get married and then look for a wife,” is well said. It’s important to always remember that men are women’s intellectual superiors and that women are weak and led by their heart, whereas men will always make the rational choice. Women should know that God, and the man God has chosen for her, will make the important decisions for her when the time is right.

    It’s also true, in my experience, that the right man will simply come to the woman he is meant to be with.

    If you really, really like a man and want to talk to him, but he is too shy to come to you, you should move on. Forget that he may be absolutely perfect for you in every way. Forget that he might simply think you’re not interested. If God wanted you to be with him, God would have given that man the balls to talk to you.

    You said it perfectly, “Relax, sit pretty and allow yourself to be found.” After all, you’re just a woman.

    Just wait around, soon enough a man, (or The Man) will tell you what to do. Women were given hearts, not brains, so stop thinking so darn much.

    I’m confused about your point that women should look at a man’s relationship with his mother. As well as your point about complimentary temperaments. If God has put this man in front of a woman, the man has the financial means to support a wife, and he has a relationship with God, wouldn’t a woman be questioning God’s devine will be analizing that man’s relationship with his mother? Or his temperament? Surely, if God has asked this man to persue a woman, a negative relationship with his mother or tendency to lash out in anger shouldn’t matter, right? Why would God ask this man to pursue this woman if his relationship with his mother and his temperament weren’t exactly what God wanted them to be? By looking at this man’s character, aren’t you therefore questioning God’s plan? Can you help me with this point?

    God bless!!!!

  2. This is all well and good, and I certainly appreciate the importance of a man having a relationship with God, but isn’t there a certain physical element to attraction?

    I know it is sinful to have lust in my heart, but wouldn’t the good lord want me to be with someone that I found pleasing to the eye? There are plenty of men that have pursued me that meet all the requirements you have listed, but I simply cannot imagine that our lord and savior Jesus Christ wants me to spend eternity with a man that looks like a donkey.

    Furthermore, given that the good lord wants us to be fruitful, isn’t fertility a factor when choosing a man??? I don’t necessarily require that a man takes any sort of test to confirm that he is capable of reproducing, but at the very least I’d like to know that his equipment is functioning (and ideally a decent size!!! lol).

  3. God is good!! all the time, Thanks for you article it realy helped me alot. God bless I have been pray for this true answers.

    Thanks again!!!

  4. Hello Everyone
    This is truly an Inspiration from the Lord, it depicts all the pertinent points that are so easily identified in the Bible. True Love is Agape love, and Eros is that of a carnal nature.
    We should not be concerned of whether or not it is important to have physical attraction to the one we were meant for, since God is the Author and Finisher of all things, are we questioning His ability to know who we will be attracted to? Hope not, for He knows all things, and He has known you before the foundation of the World, to know who you will be attracted to – is of little importance. To know who will hold your hand beyond the curtain of time- is most important.
    Its about Faith, I believe He designed us in pairs and as a woman, my partner will find me in His(God’s) time. Wait apon the Lord and He will show us the way.
    This article comes at a time where I too am faced with a decision of whether I should marry someone that truly loves me, and so I wait apon the Lord, for I want eternal happiness not one that is time bound.
    The flesh is not perfect and not eternal, looking for outward beauty is limiting, and can change at any time follwing circumstance. Will the man you marry love you when you were like a blossoming rose, as well as a withered one? Will you? I appreciate this extract and thank you for your God given wisdom.

    God Bless you for this writing, Shalom.

  5. Joanne, the man God has prepared for you will be a man you’re also attracted to. Everything will fit perfectly for God knows everything about you. He won’t give you a man you won’t easily love. So if you’re presented with a man that seems to have everything right about him yet no matter what you still can’t seem to find him attractive in some level… Take that as a red flag and pray to God about it.

  6. …glory to God…i have been blessed. I have passed this message along it it’s entirety and with the authors name. God Bless

  7. Thanks for that insightfull message. We were all created to serve a specific purpose on this earth. And God created for each of us a help it woman or man. So that we can accomplish the work He set for us. A spouse should comlpement you in every way.even your differences should be there to draw you closer to eachother,teach eachothr and help eachother. Not make us sworn enemies. No one is perfect on this eath. So when you find someone whom you can live with and cope with,strive to make the relationship better and strong. Life is too short to keep geting into countless relationships hoping to find someone who doesnt get you angry and is one hundred percent of what you want in a partner. When love finds you, coz it will coz its aloted to us and destined and ordained for us all by God, keep it. Water it,weed it and keep it fresh always. Coz you never know you had it good until you loose it. So dont loose it. God is the only one who knows our perfect match. Trust Him to lead you to him or her

  8. finding the right woman is very hard nowadays, and many of them seem to have an attitude problem that i have noticed. i am hoping that GOD can give me the luck, since there are many women that need to GROW UP and stop playing games. there are so many of us SINCERE good men out there, but with so many very nasty women it has become very difficult connecting with the right one. i go out a lot, but i can’t seem to be at the right place at the right time to meet a nice one. it now appears that all the GOOD WOMEN have been taken.

  9. To TheRealJohnson
    You completely mutilated the idea of the article. Men are not intellectually superior to women, nor need they set and look pretty till the right man comes along. God is superior and he brings them together. Submission of the woman is based on the true and conscious relationship of the Man with God, as he is to love his wife as Jesus loved the church. Not act like an arrogant, all-knowing baffoon telling her what to do. Jesus led those who had faith to follow…a woman follows because she has faith in his spirituality…and his relationship with God will lead him in making the right decisions.

  10. Wow, I am blessed by this message even as a man. Now I have a good knowledge of the ideal friend and responsible husband I should be to my spouse! Thank you.

  11. This is a great article, and I plan to share with my single friends – actually, they are the ones who shared it with me. I do have to say that response #1 bothers me greatly though! Hello! Men are NOT women’s intellectual superior, nor are women weak, nor do men always make rational decisions. After all you’re just a woman – seriously? No – I am a pearl of great price, waiting for the right man to find me who recognizes my special talents and appreciates what I bring to the table. Women were given hearts, not brains – OMG!! Mister, you are a piece of work – yes, seriously. Not to mention then you turn around and contradict the attributes given for a man that you disagree with. Newsflash – if you aren’t convicted by God for your lack of these character traits, not to mention your attitude toward women, I don’t know what to tell you. A good godly woman will not subject herself to that, nor will God ask her to…

  12. Simmer down girls.

    If you’re going to look to God for guidance on finding a man, you’ll need to heed his Word as it appears in the Bible. Remember:

    Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” -Genesis 3:16

    Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says.
    -1 Corinthians 14:34

    A woman should learn in quietness and full submission.
    -1 Timothy 2:11

    For man was not made from woman, but woman from man. Neither was man created for woman, but woman for man -1 Corinthians 11

    I could go on, but suffice it to say that the Bible is clear: Woman is subservient to man. You were made to serve us. The Bible is quite clear. I’m not sure how you expect to find a partner from God if you refuse to do so on the terms that God has laid out.

    Unless of course you’re suggesting that the Bible is wrong, or you’re suggesting that it is simply a book written by a bunch of men trying to justify their own dominance, be it motivated by politics, wealth, or chauvinism–which of course we can all agree isn’t true.

    It’s the Bible! It’s the only thing that matters!

    Bless you.

  13. A very smart person said to me yesterday that believing in god requires taking a leap of faith…from rational thought. The bible was written by men before science was invented that could explain why the sun “rises” and what the world is made of. Things that we now call superstition were once called god. Years from now what we know as religion will be recognized as superstition. Love is about happiness. What kind of a got would spend all his/HER time playing matchmaker to 6 billion people anyway? He/she would get so tired of all the wining!

  14. it is very hard nowadays connecting with the right person for a straight man like me that is looking to find love again, after my wife cheated on me. i hope that GOD can bless me by meeting a real good woman this time for me. i am one of many men that certainly hates going out as it is, and there are not any single events anymore in my area. i know at one time the church use to have single dances to go to, especially when i was a lot younger. now that i am in my late fifties, it is very extremely hard for me. i hate being alone, it certainly is no fun at all. GOD seems to make so many very lucky people that have connected with one another, but i feel that he forgot about me. sharing a life with the right woman is a very wonderful thing, and i hope that i will get that chance meeting that special one for me again. this is the reason why i go out every single night, just not to be home by myself. i live down the shore, and there are so many very nasty women down here that think they are GOD’S gift to men. the women years ago were certainly much more educated than today, and it was a lot easier meeting good women back then. men and women back then, were very committed to one another too. in my opinion, many women are not looking for men like they once did. my aunt and uncle are starting their 65th year together, that shows you how very committed they are. i always remind them how very lucky they are to be together, and i do wish that i had been born a lot sooner, then i could have been as lucky as them. now i just go out and hope for the best. peace.

  15. Wow!! This is a right on time reading!!! My gosh, so much encouraging words, wisdom and enlightenment! I started reading the book “God is a Matchmaker” by Derek Prince and one by Dr. Myles Munroe called “Waiting & Dating” but this article is needful and straight to the exact point! All bases were covered and touched thoroughly. I need not read anything else. I absolutely feel like the weight has lifted after reading this and I can see clearer now. Right at my desk I said that powerful prayer and I believe in faith that God will do it. Certainly forwarding this to my dear friend.

    May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry immensely Sharon Joseph!!

  16. To RealJohnson:

    Your points do not support your original post. Your original post was completely chauvinistic, and accepting no responsibility for the requirements placed also by scripture, on men. Scriptural instruction on submission does not imply that men are intellectually superior, or more rational, or that women can’t or shouldn’t do anything for themselves.

    1 Corinthians 7 says: 3 Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband.

    4 The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.

    Benevolence is a disposition to do good, acts of kindness, generous gifts.

    Ephesians 5: 25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

    26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,

    When you love as Christ loves, you won’t be so quick to throw your weight around as the ‘ruling male’ of the species, demanding submission and referring to women as weak and unable to take care of themselves. Submission will come naturally, as a normal response to the love that is shown. This is not the same thing as being a doormat for a dominant male. Unfortunately, in the day that we live in, we women have had no choice but to be strong, raise children alone, and make our own decisions due to the LACK of character and leadership of the men in our lives. And YES, this does include anger issues, and how you treat your mother. I still haven’t seen how you excused yourself from those :)

  17. Hmm. Thanks Susan. You found some good points in the bible that seem to contradict mine.

    You caused me to go back to some of my favourite readings and now I’m more confused than ever. It’s almost as though the Bible is a hodgepodge of ideas that seem to contradict each other.

    Does anyone else ever feel like maybe the Bible was written by a bunch of different people over many many years and that maybe it’s not a reliable resource for guidance on how to live your life?

  18. Real Johnson,

    That was the old testament, we are living in a new testament, a new convenient made through Jesus Christ.

    If you get to choose some from the old testament, you might as well choose all of the laws.

    So be thankful that we are living in a new testament and two simple commandments is to love the Lord with our heart and our mind and love neighbour as yourself.

  19. yes it is certainly very true, connecting with the right person is very hard nowadays. it was a lot easier years ago, unlike today. i myself would love to find the right woman to connect with again, especially coming out of a divorce. women were different back then, and it wasn’t as complicated as it is today. i am a straight man that hates very much being alone, and believe me it is no fun at all. most of my friends are settled down with their life, and i do not have that many friends. when i go out, i usually go out alone. i certainly hate going out, because there are so many women that play games today and many of them think that they are all that. i am in my late fifties, and as you can see how much harder it is for me now. i am a good serious down to earth man that would love to have my life back. PEACE, AND HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY.

  20. Not sure where to start this…I have a stalker in my life and have become submissive to his over bearing control. I get away from him at times, but continue to feel like I have chains on my soul that possess me to him. I do remember one time he told me I was free and I felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders, but since then it has returned. I met a Christian man in August and have felt he is heaven sent. My stalker has interfered with our relationship and has planted some seeds of doubt and untrust in him. He says he still loves me, but can’t be with me because of him. I found this website and read the prayer at the bottom that made me cry because it is so real to me. I am wanting anyone else with powerful prayers to help me with a prayer for my soul to be released from this stalker and for God to guide me in the path he has chosen for me.

  21. Dear Kristen
    Forgive all the unfair, anonymous sources of pain and annoyance in your life. Ask the Heavenly Father the grace to forgive this PERSON IN YOUR LIFE WHO HAS HURT U THE MOST, who is the hardest to forgive, U should choose to forgive him, though U feel angry and hurt.
    Lord Jesus I surrender my life and my Associates completely in your hands. Help me Lord. (Amen)
    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

  22. do not agree with your statement on women fall in love and want to get married and men decide to get married and look for a wife. not true to make such broad statements. it isn’t so cut and dry like that. be careful to put all women in one basket and all men in one basket. we are individuals. me a women do not necessarily want to be married and I am ok with living a celibacy life. there are some women who are not interested in anything serious and there are some men who fall in love and want to get married. there are some women who do not fall in love and want to get married. again, do not provide negative stereotypes about men and women. we are more than our gender and we are more than our selves. even those who claim to be christians or believer in God does not mean we all want to be married by paper but do like to have a long term committed relationship. again I have met men who are each very different and some fall in love easily, so for someone like you who like to stereotype, I can say there are men who are like other women, and there are women who are like other men. Learn to see differences and individuality and not negative gender stereotypes

  23. I am a single parent that just got out of a relationship with an irresponsible guy, but being African everyone around me including my parents think it’s a good idea to marry just any guy that I meet even if there is no attraction from my part, because I am in my late thirties they think I am not allowed to choose anymore and I should be grateful I have any suitors, I am tired of explaining that I believe God will not give me someone I do not have anything in common with. I don’t go out much and I am a very shy person, I am seriously waiting on God to provide my patner and my hearts desire because he knows me more than I know my self and I have refused to settle for anything less but apparently my folks think am living in lala land because am in my late 30s and a single parent so I have lost my entire right to be choosy.

  24. Hi All

    I am a Christian and I believe that Jesus is God, who is the Third day risen Son of YHWH. Now my testimony should attract real spiritual people because I first want to ask the writer of this article if he/she has actual experience in finding a destined partner. If there is anyone else out there that has pursued the paths in Him to find a partner, and was shown that partner, and is married to that partner, I would like you to respond. Also, those that say ‘100% True’ I would like to hear YOUR testimony. NOW, why do I ask this? I went out of my natural way in 2000 and asked to be shown my partner. I had a vision of a ‘wave’ and was told to go to israel and to return to the place I was previously. Long story short, I met a girl and I had a spiritual attraction to her. I prayed about this woman because in my opinion I did not have time for that, I wanted the spiritual wave! So I asked God to take it away. Then one night I asked this girl what her name meant. She said, ‘wave’. Well, that hit me for a six. I was told to return home. I waited for 5 years to return to israel. she had a boyfriend. I left. I returned again and again and again. In total I returned 5 times!!! In 2010 I was specifically lead there and I had a vision of her pregnant stomach. Her father dies two weeks prior to me arriving which explained a vision I got with a log in a wave (interpreted as a spirit of heaviness) Last year I was told to return as ‘something big is happening in israel’ and ‘she is getting married’. I returned and once again, TWO WEEKS PRIOR, she had married a man and went to Thailand. Now she is pregnant. All in all, 13 long years since I had my ‘wave experience’. Now, to the real spirituals, what do you have to say about that? My destined wife is married to another man and her womb is filled with fruit that is not from me. Lovely, isnt it? Now talk to me…. seems like you people know it all.

  25. Hi Tyrone,

    I’m sorry to hear of your situation, but I have to ask: What did god sound like? You say you received messages from him telling you what to do, so I’m curious what his voice sounds like. Was it low pitched? Squeaky? Truth be told, I always imagined the big guy would have a Swedish accent and a lisp, but I have no idea why. lol.

    God bless.

  26. Joanne, your response surprises me. You know the words, “My sheep hear my voice, and the voice of a stranger they will not listen to.” We are all encouraged to KNOW HIS VOICE and to be lead by the Spirit for the Word says, “Romans 8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.” I have yers of experience trying to understand His Voice. We are given clues. He is a Comforter and a Helper, so the coice that comforts and helps is His Voice. Also, “James 3:17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.”… In this time I am amazed at Christians who do not know how to discern His Voice. First, the voice of the Spirit is PROPHETIC. Know the verse, “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”….. I stand totally amazed that you can even ask, “what does it sound like?”. He speaks in different ways. He can speak in a vision, through a situation prophetically, in a small voice, in a dream, through a person, etc. He speaks in different ways and does not keep one dependent on a specific way He speaks. Most of all, He speaks through His Word. If one is not balanced between scripture and power, or if one just knows the LOGOS (written Word) without knowing the Living Word (rhema), its like flying a plane with one wing. So, I encourage you to learn His Voice, because YOUR TEACHER will not allow you to learn His Voice through another. You can’t learn it through another. In fact, we can give you clues found in the Bible of how He speaks, but to be very honest, a chrustian who has not yet learned to hear His Voice is a lamb and not a sheep, because, “My Sheep hear my voice”…… so please go and learn it for yourself. Peace and God Bless You.

  27. Joanne, let me comment on one of your comments please. You said, “wouldn’t the good lord want me to be with someone that I found pleasing to the eye?”…. Can I ask you, do you know what the difference is between Agape and Eros Love? Agape Love is God’s Love. It is selfless and unconditional. Eros love, contrary to its definition, it the world’s love. It is selfish. It is based on what one wants. It is based on what one can get. For example, people go for ‘what is pleasing to the eye’ because it is good for them. Its not actually the person they love, it is themselves! We go for ‘what is good for us’. It is a selfish Eros love based on passion, and erotic (eros) needs. With Agape Love, self does not exist. You also love a person because you choose to! So, if you choose to Agape a donkey, then you agape a donkey. Proof that eros love is false love…. this is why marriages do not last! People go for ‘what is pleasing to the eye’ and for ‘what is good for self’. When that person all of a sudden loses attractiveness, or stops providing, then the other parter hits the road! Or we go lustfully for pleasure and erotic needs, and when we have children by accident we abort them. They greatest evidence of Eros Love is abortion. for every abortion, there is a selfish woman involved! Selfish Eros! Or what about a man that ‘wants what is pleasing to his eyes’. Isnt he just seeking ‘what is pleasing to him’? I need to tell you, the Command is to AGAPE the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. Not Eros Him! In the same way, you are called to agape others as you agape yourself! Eros teaches self-preservation. Agape teaches self mortification. They are at opposite poles. Jesus IS NOT an Eros Lover! Thank YHWH He is not, or else many of us, who look ‘as donkeys to each other’ would have been destroyed by Him many a moon ago. It says in John 1 that EVERYTHING was created through Him and not one thing that was made, was not made through Him. So, if someone looks like a donkey to you, I suggest you take a real agape look at that person. As it is, many women choose their husbands by what their possessions are, and men wonder why women run off with their children when another man comes along who can flatter a woman a little more, or provide a little bit more. Woen is this world need to get with it very very quickly.

  28. TheRealJohnson, for this comment……….. “It’s important to always remember that men are women’s intellectual superiors and that women are weak and led by their heart, whereas men will always make the rational choice. Women should know that God, and the man God has chosen for her, will make the important decisions for her when the time is right.”……………. I think you are a condescending religious punk who can not even deduce Truths from what the Bible says a virtuous woman. I think you are one of those codescending sexist men that demands a woman be inferior to you to jolly up your muscles. I think you are a religious pharisee. Do you NOT KNOW a WOMAN was given the power to be at a man’s side to uplift his heart, as his missing rib, for a reason you can not find in a man!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU SEE THAT AS INFERIOR YOU RELIGIOUS PUNK? It is a call of authority! It is a call of POWER! Do you see in Proverbs that ‘she buys and sells land’???? Surely she does not need a man to make that decision? Men like you make men like me so angry! The Word says, be angry but don’t let the sun go down on your anger. Its religious sexist punks like you that give men a bad name, or is it your controlling spirit that would like a woman to be your servant? Where do you get off saying that a woman does not have a rational mind? Are you suggesting that a woman was not created in the image of God? I find your response satanic. It belongs within the doctrines taught by laveyan satanism.

  29. We are all different, that is why we are referred to as individuals, if we are all the same then why have different names, why have different eye color, why would god choose someone for us if we all act the same way?

  30. God bless you richly for this article. It has helped me to channel my thoughts and focus rightly. Well written..

  31. First of all,thank you so much for the awesome post about Gods will and ”the one”..its very informative and makes a lot of sense.Okay!!!There’s­ this guy that I dated back when I was 13,it was only a short period of time(he was my first kiss by the way)we broke up because he wanted to have sex with me but I wasn’t ready(I mean helooo I was thirteen!!!).I quickly got over him but the feelings started creeping back over the years.Just looking at him makes me smile.we were not really talking to eachother anymore but I still had deep feelings for him.I prayed to god for us to atleast be friends(hopefully more) even if I knew he was already in a ”serious relationship” now but somehow I felt I wanted to be with him.I asked God to give me a sign as an indication of his approval and that day out of the blue,he waved at I know it may not sound like a big deal so just to confirm,I asked for more signs and I got them,about seven of them…I tried to convince myself that maybe it was a coincidence but they are just too many..Nothing happened though and it still seems that he is inlove with that girl.I really care about him and I want what’s best for him.So now I don’t understand what to do because we hardly talk to each other,he has a girlfriend but I got the signs..what could they mean,were they coincidences?,will God bring us together one day?….I’m confused and even scared to ask for more signs.I also prayed that however you will respond will be his way of answering me.I really want to be there for this guy and I just want him to be happy but what god says matters to me the most.and I want to know If I should move on or wait on God to do something.pleez help!!

  32. really enjoyed this article great job on it It hit the spot for me very to the point and that what alot of us need!

  33. hey really enjoyed the article , it helped me a lot to get back in track.Pliz do remain loyal cause the , moment we align ourselves with the will of GOD ,marriage frustration and divorce will be at a limited rate

    GOD BLESS you richly

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