I, Me, Myself

I, Me, Myself

A major part of our lives is spent on thinking and worrying about what will happen to us in the future. We are not ready to live one day at a time as it comes. God has created the world around us so that we can enjoy its beauty, but we are all so busy running around material happiness that we have no time to stop ourselves and admire the beauty and peace that is around us.

All we ever do is complain and blame others for what we haven’t been able to achieve, parents blame their children, children blame their parents, husbands their wives and vise versa, about whatever goes wrong or unfulfilled in their lives. People are even ready to sacrifice relations to achieve whatever they have in mind.

But we are never ready to face the realities of life and find ways to solve it. When it is time to face reality, everyone tries to find reasons or tell lies to themselves so as to avoid the truth about how their life is going or where it is leading them to. After all how long are we going to run away from the facts of life? How long can our excuses and lies save us? Is being rich the only agenda of ones lives? Have relationships lost meaning in our lives? Are we so blinded by money and the pleasures that comes with it? Have we fallen to such and extend that animals are better than us?

The sooner we realize our mistakes and rectify them, the better lives we can live. A life that appreciates the little things and finds joy in them. A life filled with love and hope.

2 thoughts on “I, Me, Myself”

  1. Amen Georgy!!

    It’s time everyone took the time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of this world God has created.

    And you’re right, there’s no sense blaming parents or children or spouses when things aren’t going our way.

    If things aren’t working out for us, it’s because that’s God’s will. Surely God doesn’t want us all to succeed. As people say, the world needs ditch diggers too.

    God bless!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for this page have told me something about myself because i have been living in the guilt of past relationship,sin and heartbreaks

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