Persecution is not strange for a Christian

Christian life often involves persecution. It is no sign that God has left you, because he will never forsake you. It is difficult to explain, how a loving God would allow us to be persecuted.

Christian walk is a progressive death of flesh, brought about by internal and external forces. God allows these forces in careful measures to allow your soul to be crafted in his perfect image.

Think about God as the potter and you as the clay. He shapes us according to his will. If you are selected as a vessel of honor, he will chip off unnecessary stuff away from you and polish you into his own image.

If your call is higher, then your period of preparation will be longer. You have no power of your own in the spiritual world. All power belongs to the Son, and the son of God imparts his power in us, as we share in the death of Christ. We can not share in his power unless we share in his death.

There is no easy way to spiritual power, and the only way to his glory is through his cross.

This process can be prolonged and tiring. You may even think that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but Christ has promised his reward to those who press forward, straining every muscle, till the race is won. He has called us to overcome this world, like the way he overcame this world.