Have A Blessed Day

May God remember you like Noah

Noah's Ark

favor you like Moses

Favor you like Moses

honor you like Mary

Honor you like Mary

fight for you like the Israelites

Fight for you like the Israelites

prosper you like Isaac

Prosper you like Isaac 

promote you like Joseph

Promote you like Joseph 

intervene for you like Esther

Intervene for you like Esther 

protect you like Daniel

Protect you like Daniel 

use you like Paul

Use you like Paul 

heal you like Naaman

Heal you like Naaman

answer you like Elijah

Answer you like Elijah 

anoint you like David

Anoint you like David 

and keep you safe like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

Keep you safe 

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2 thoughts on “Have A Blessed Day”

  1. I am glad that you ask for no donations for prayers because we have no money. However, there are some other sites like this who do. I find religeous extortion an extremely blastfamous thing to attempt to do to another human being.

    Please pray for my family and I for prosperity and good health and for others who are even less fortunate than I/us.

  2. This is very awesome it’s encouraging, I read it on the Prayer line in the morning after Prayer ends. Thank you for petting this on the website. You are already Blessed!!!!!!

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