The Best Place To Stay

Home Sweet Home

It is quite natural that we like the places we stay. That is why we call our house ‘sweet home’. After a day’s busy work, we enjoy coming back home to rest. There we love its usual colors, shapes, furniture and atmosphere. We sense security and peace in our homes.

But some houses are not so good to stay. It may be the poor facilities, bad odor, salty water or the unfriendly neighbors. There may be enough reasons to move out. However, some hang on to the same old house.

It is wise to relocate when you find that your present house isn’t helping you to grow up. It is not about hating the old; it’s rather favoring the one which favors your progress!

The Scriptures talk about a beautiful place where we all could relocate to. In fact, that’s the best place to stay! King David said about it like this: “…through the length of my days, the house of the Lord [and His presence] shall be my dwelling place.” (Psalm 23:6 – Amplified Bible)

Well, this is not about a physical house shifting that David is talking about. This is a spiritual house shifting. This has to do with relocating one’s desires, commitments and lifestyles – from the world to God.

When King David understood the awesomeness of God, his greatest desire became spending time with God. He just wanted to be always at God’s ‘sweet home’ – which is His Presence.

It is not that David hated his physical house; he loved God’s Presence more. It is not that David hated his family and work; he loved God more. He found nothing sweeter compared to God’s sweet Presence! And he relocated his place of stay!

What about you? Didn’t you find that what the world offers as sweet tastes sour often? Isn’t there a longing in your heart to relocate to the best place of stay?

Now is your time to begin that process of relocation. Ask God for help. He is right near you to bring you into His ‘sweet home’. You will never regret for making that commitment!

– – – written by Joe Abraham

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