E-book : Thoughts on Spirituality

Thoughts on Spirituality

Download : Thoughts on Spirituality

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About the eBook :-

Synopsis : This Volume ‘Thoughts on Spirituality’ describes Anne’s early journey as she discovers God’s special work for her. Most of us will follow a similar path as we gradually turn from worldly pursuits to heavenly ones
Jesus is inviting everyone to be a part of a great mission of mercy He has begun.  He tells each of us that we are needed to help with His plan to save souls.  “I need many of you now to turn to Me with abandonment.  Will you say ‘yes’ to your Jesus?”
Jesus said: “I did not come to you because you were worthy. I won’t leave you because you are not. I am with you. I am teaching you. And you are learning. Be joyful. I will never leave you. Be on My side, the side of peace.”

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