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October 22nd, 2010

Drug Free Is The Way To Be

Drug Free

I see childrens lives saved every day
by using drugs the right way.
Their diseases kept at bay
by prescription drugs used the right way.

I read about people every day
whose lives are ruined, why? I can’t say.
They abuse drugs and alcohol each day
thinking it will make their problems go away.

They think the drugs make them cool
but they just end up failing school.
Their families and friends don’t know what to do.
I won’t use drugs, why would you?

Marijuana, cocaine, and tobacco, too,
are just waiting to sink their teeth into you.
They slowly eat your insides away
’till all that’s left before death is to pray.

This is not for my family and me.

– – – written by Christine

October 3rd, 2010

Poem : Take My Hand

Take My hand

Are you troubled, burdened, blue?
Take my hand.
I’ve been troubled, too,
I understand.
Where you’ve fallen, once I fell
Let me help the clouds dispel
Take my hand.

Others helped when I was weak,
Took my hand,
Helped me face toward the peak,
Helped me stand.
What they did, now let me do
Pass the kindness on to you.
Someday you’ll help others, too.
Take my hand.

September 24th, 2010

Poem : My Life’s Reward

My Life's Reward

My Life’s Reward

My friends , My family, do not weep,
as I enter my eternal sleep
I chose to live a righteous path,
no fear to face, the LORD OF SPIRITS wrath

Through my faith, my soul is won,
as I have reached, my life paths completion,
I once was living with evil behavior,
now I rejoice in my faith in our savior

rejoice for me, for my death, I willing embrace
for I no longer, had to fear disgrace,
in the record of my life’s story,
written in the BOOK OF LIFE, is “Glory”

Having confidence in our LORD
Everlasting happiness, is my final reward
My heavenly portion of happiness will far exceed,
any comfort I felt to my earthy needs

I waited with patient hope, praying to the ELECTED SON,
as Angels record my goodness to the MIGHTY ONE
my cries of judgement, has been heard, can’t you see
as the gates of HEAVEN are open to me

Clear the tears, from your eyes, rejoice insted,
for I have a place in HEAVEN, for the life I led.

– – – written by Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins

This poem was written for a close family friend who passed away, I was there in her finally hours. She inspired me so much with her faith in our saviour and her happiness in dying. She told me family and friends are selfish to want their loved ones to keep living, that they should rejoice in their finally being able to have their place in heaven, that if we loved them we wouldn’t cry and feel regret for their deaths, we should celebrate that they are with the Lord and their pain and troubles on earth has finally ended. – Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins

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