Poem : In His Hands

In Jesus Hands

My steps, my times, my plans, Lord, are daily in your hands
As a yielded servant, I wait on Your command.

I want to seek your kingdom and have You reign in me
So I can live before You as one who’s been set free.

I cast my cares upon You and trust You for each day
I want the way You planned for me to be what I obey.

I have no expectations, there only is Your will
No need to strive or worry, my heart needs to be still.

As I learn about You, I’ve come to realize
You do so many little things that take me by surprise.

Each day is an adventure as I set my heart on You
my heart’s in constant wonder as I see the things You do.

I’ll let You do Your work, Lord, please have Your perfect way
Thank You for Your mercies that are new for me each day!

My times are in Your hands. Psalm 31:15

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