Poem : Lord Take Away Pain

Lord Take Away Pain

The cry of man’s anguish went up to God, ‘Lord, take away pain!’ The shadow that darkens the world you have made, The close-coiling chain That strangles the heart, the burden that weighs On the wings that would soar. ‘Lord take away pain from the world you have made That it may love you more!’ … Read more

Poem : Awake In The Night

Awake in the Night

Awakened in the night by pain I struggle with my thoughts. The healing hasn’t come yet My faith – all for naught. Death – seems to prevail In my knowledge of the truth, Life remains the treasure, In spite of my lost youth. Make me not to question, What I know not about. For there … Read more

Poem : Three Sisters

Poem Three Sisters

We are three sisters Three sisters are we I love each of you, And I know you love me We’re not always together, Life sometimes keeps us apart. But we’re never separated We’re in each other’s heart. Now I know we’ve had our troubles, But we always get thru. The real message is you love … Read more