Poem : The Church Of Christ

The Church Of Christ

Oh there is but one Church of Christ
Formed upon the ‘Rock of Saint Peter’.
In fact it is the Body of Christ and is led,
At present, by one of Peter’s successors.

A series of Christ’s representatives renamed
‘Popes ’ after some years of church existence
Witnessing to faith in Christ while opposing
Evil across the passing centuries.

Alas, unfortunately, deriving from the evil
Manipulation of the Biblical ‘father of lies’,
Known as Satan, other believers established
So called churches ignoring the promise of Jesus.

But as the Body of Christ we of the Catholic faith
Must evangelize along with the Holy Spirit of Our Father
To reconvert and bring others of other faiths
Into the loving arms of Christianity.

So let us destroy the plans of Satan by Adoring and
Daily Consuming the Blessed Sacrament of Love
For Our Mother Mary’s ‘Yes’ to Gabriel brought us
The greatest source and means of victory over evil.

– – – written by Liam O Comain

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  1. It says that lets destroy the plans of satan that means a lot because for me evil make us bad but we the people of God have our choice to do right or bad things to other because we have our freedom to do what we want in life but with the wrong move or doing bad things make our heart hard to appreciate little things that makes people careless and full of anger but when we put jesus in our life we can live the rest in our life in love and care because he is always there to guide us and change us to be good example for everyone

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