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October 17th, 2010

360 Degree 3D Panoramic Virtual Tours

360 Degree Virtual Tour

Go on 360 Degree Panoramic Virtual Tours to pilgrimage places, right on your screen.

Here we present exceptional quality panoramic images for panoramic virtual tours to pilgrimage places. It gives us the effect of actually visiting the places. The 360 degree 3D panoramic images are captured using rotational cameras with special lenses. 360virtual images are full 360 degree spherical panoramic images used in building photographic “Virtual Reality” style virtual tours. You can interactively “be there and look around” with the full realism.

Here is the presently available list of Virtual Tour Pilgrimage Places :-

1. Velankanni Church, Chennai

Click here to visit Velankanni church on a virtual tour

2. Bharananganam Church, Kerala

Click here to visit Bharananganam church on a virtual tour

3. St. Alphonsa Divine Home, Bharananganam

Click here to visit St. Alphonsa Divine Home on a virtual tour

4. Malayatoor Kurisumala, Kerala

Click here to visit Malayatoor Kurisumala on a virtual tour

5. Manarcad Church, Kerala

Click here to visit Manarcad church on a virtual tour

6. Parumala Church, Kerala

Click here to visit Parumala church on a virtual tour

7. Arthunkal Church, Kerala

Click here to visit Arthunkal church on a virtual tour

8. Vagamon Kurisumala, Kerala

Click here to visit Vagamon church on a virtual tour

9. St. Marys Forane Church, Kudamaloor, Kottayam

Click here to visit Kudamaloor church on a virtual tour

10. Puthupally Church, Kerala

Click here to visit Puthupally church on a virtual tour

11. Calicut Cathedral, Kerala

Click here to visit Calicut cathedral on a virtual tour

12. Vimalagiri Cathedral, Kottayam, Kerala

Click here to visit Vimalagiri cathedral on a virtual tour

13. Vallarpadam Church, Cochin, Kerala

Click here to visit Vallarpadam church on a virtual tour

14. Missionaries of Compassion, Hyderabad

Click here to visit Missionaries of Compassion society on a virtual tour

15. Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours, Thrissur, Kerala

Click here to visit Dolours basilica on a virtual tour

16. St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Kallooppara, Kerala

Click here to visit St. Mary’s Orthodox Church on a virtual tour

17. Manjinikara Church, Kerala

Click here to visit Manjinikara Church on a virtual tour

Go and click on the above links given, which will take you on a 360 Degree 3D Panoramic Virtual Tour to each of the above pilgrimage places mostly in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad. I hope all of you will really enjoy the virtual tours.

Once you are on the tour page, wait for some time for the 3D image to load completely. Then move around by clicking the left-mouse button and keeping it pressed, move around the place as you like. You can zoom also by using the mouse’s scroll button. Take a look! All the best and enjoy your 360 Degree 3D panoramic virtual tours. God Bless You All.

October 5th, 2010

Shalom TV Live Online

Shalom TV Live Online

Shalom TV live online – Watch shalom tv live streaming feature available now.

The best Christian Malayalam TV Channel ‘Shalom TV’ is now ready to cater to those who are away from television screens but closer to computers and internet. Now you can watch shalom tv live streaming from internet from their website – a great feature which will bring joy to the hearts of thousands of Christian malayalees, who spend most of their time online, doing software or website related jobs.

For Watching Shalom TV Online

To watch live streaming shalom tv channel from web, you just have to do these steps.

1) Install Adobe Flash Player in your computer to play streaming online video.

2) Are you using Internet Explorer 6 or below? If so, please upgrade.

Recommended browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, & IE 8

3) Go to the official website

4) Streaming live video from Shalom tv starts automatically.

I hope all malayalees (Kerala people) will find this very useful in improving their spiritual life, staying close to God and Godly things as far as they can. Watch it friends. God Bless You.

September 17th, 2010

Jesus Youth Jubilee 2010

JY Jubilee 2010

Are you a Jesus Youth? Do you want to be one? Wanna know more about JYs across the world?

Jesus Youth around the world are gearing up for the Jubilee Conference which is scheduled to happen in Kochi, India from 28th Dec. 2010 to 1st Jan. 2011. More than 15,000 delegates from nearly 25 countries are expected to attend this mega event and make it a truly international Catholic youth festival. We expect you too at the Jubilee conference.

Date : 28th Dec 2010 – 1st Jan 2011

Venue : Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala, India

Refined in His fire. Renewed by His Spirit. Radiant in His love.

These three R’s encapsulate the essence of the Jubilee. They combine the two essential themes- “clothing the movement in white linen and receiving the power from on high” (Luke 24:49).

The Jubilee theme : ‘Refined Renewed Radiant’ was put together by Shelton Pinheiro (Co-ordinator, Rexband).

Jubilee Logo : A cross and a rising flame within the figure of 25 symbolises the fire of the Holy Spirit and the centrality of Jesus and His mission within the movement. The colours blue, orange and white stand for youthfulness, the fire of the Holy Spirit and the call to holiness.

Jesus Youth Jubilee 2010 Video

Watch the above video clip. It is all about the birth and growth of Jesus Youth Movement right from 1970s.

A journey across 25 spirit filled years.

The movement at a glance

Jesus – Witnessing to the relevance of Jesus the Saviour and his church among this generation

Helping the youth encounter Jesus and live the beauty of that encounter among their peers

Using the creativity of the Holy Spirit and the dynamism of youth to be a contemporary, vibrant spiritual presence in this world

Youth living in today’s world reaching out to be in union with Jesus and drawing life and joy from Him

JY Jubilee 2010 Wallpapers

History of Jesus Youth Movement

A missionary movement at the service of the Church

1970s – The flame of renewal spreads across the world through the Charismatic Renewal

The great wave of the Holy Spirit gave rise to many youth groups in the southernmost tip of India, Kerala, the state popularly known as, God’s Own Country.

1985 – In the international year of Youth, the youth from these groups came together in Kerala for a conference. The conference was called Jesus Youth ’85 and the participants began to call themselves Jesus Youth.

These young people shared their experiences and formed Prayer Groups and cell groups wherever they where – work places, parishes, schools, campuses… and when they moved into different parts of the world, they carried their lifestyle along with them.

Today the movement is alive in 25 countries around the world, making a difference among students, professionals, young families, teenagers & children in Asia, Europe, Australia and America.

This year the movement reaches a milestone – 25 years of the movement

The theme is ready – The jubilee cross has began its journey across continents – The prayers are rising – the purification has begun – the celebrations have begun – The global conference is at hand – The Holy Spirit is on the move

Are you ready for the Jubilee? Anyone can register for the JY Jubilee 2010.

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