Christmas Care Packages for India

Christmas Care Packages in India

Here are the two ways to share Christmas with Christians in India.

Christians in India face great hardships for following Christ. Pastors are beaten or arrested, and families are mistreated. And yet they bear these costs gladly to wear Christ’s name. It’s not too late to help Christian families in India this holiday season.

This Christmas, we are reaching out to children of persecuted families and to local evangelists in India. Thousands of Christmas Care Packs (for children) and Village Outreach Packs (for local evangelists) have already been sponsored, and there is still time for you to participate in this Christmas outreach to our persecuted brothers and sisters in India.

Christmas Care Packs

Christmas Care Packs contain practical items, such as clothing and sandals, as well as books and Bible stories in their local language, school supplies, crayons and some candy. All the gifts are presented in a school backpack. Imagine the joy on the face of these children as they realize a Christian family in the United States has sponsored a Christmas gift just for them!

Our goal is to deliver 10,000 Christmas Care Packs (customized for different climates) to children living in areas of persecution. The packs will be filled with practical items as well as books and Bible stories in Indian languages to encourage kids in their faith.

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Village Outreach Packs

Village Outreach Packs are specifically designed to assist local evangelists in reaching their communities for Christ. These packs include a small library of gospel materials for them to use in their ministry.

Each Village Outreach Pack provides a small library of gospel materials for a church leader or evangelist. These Village Outreach Packs will go especially to pastors and evangelists from minority groups outside of large cities. VOM’s goal is to provide 3,000 packs that will help recipients learn to preach sermons, teach others and study the Bible more effectively.

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We were created in God’s image. As a result, we have the same capacity to extend kindness that God has. Are you wondering how to start being kind in this Christmas season? The above links will surely help you. God bless you.

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  1. Dear Brother/ Sister in Christ,
    Praise the Lord
    My name is Rahul Masih and I am a small businessman. I am also the president of the Gideons International In India Ghaziabad Camp. I support many evangelists in the villages and hold conventions without accepting any donations.
    At this time I have a few village pastors who want to give some Christmas gifts to children in their areas and would like you to guide me in this matter as I do not have a clue where to get them from.
    Please guide me soon.
    Kind regards
    Rahul Masih
    Mob: +91-9899 0000 15

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