E-book : The Kneeling Christian


Download : The Kneeling Christian E-book Click the link above to download “The Kneeling Christian” (150 KB) eBook by an Unknown Christian About Kneeling Christian eBook :- The most influential book on Prayer I’ve ever read. The chapters are : Chapter 1: GOD’S GREAT NEED Chapter 2: ALMOST INCREDIBLE PROMISES Chapter 3: ASK OF ME AND I WILL GIVE … Read more

E-book : Thoughts on Spirituality

Thoughts on Spirituality

Download : Thoughts on Spirituality Click the link above to download “Thoughts on Spirituality” (1.58 MB) eBook by Anne About the eBook :- Synopsis : This Volume ‘Thoughts on Spirituality’ describes Anne’s early journey as she discovers God’s special work for her. Most of us will follow a similar path as we gradually turn from worldly pursuits … Read more