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November 5th, 2010

E-book : How To Overcome Fear

How To Overcome Fear

Download How To Overcome Fear PDF

Click on the above link to download the eBook (335KB) titled ‘How to overcome Fear’ written by Bill Subritzky

The spirit of fear does not come from God but is a spiritual power which comes out of the spiritual realm and attacks our mind. We have to realise that there is an intelligence (Satan) in the universe which is directed towards keeping us away from God and which is directed to destroying our peace of mind, our joy and which wants to rob us of eternal life.

Chapters in the eBook

1. Fear
2. The Basic Cause of Fear
3. Our Enemies
4. Principal Types of Fear
5. Fear and Torment – The Twin Demonic Powers
6. Fruits of Fear
7. Worry – The Companion Spirit of Fear
8. Entry Points of Fear
9. The Answers to Fear
10. Prayer of Deliverance From Fear

Download this eBook using the above download link. Its a very useful PDF of 35 pages which can make a huge difference to all your fears in life.

October 2nd, 2010

How To Read The Bible

How To Read The Bible

How to read the Bible so that God speaks to you

Download The eBook here

Developing a successful Bible reading time depends on the balancing of several skills like the improvement of your ability to study the Bible, the negotiation with your motivation, and the management of your time. Which of these skills to focus on and which to lead with, make all the difference between catching a wave or just getting tired and giving up.

In this journey, we get in the water with you. We help surface the desire God has given you to be with Him. We help you learn to read the Bible in simple steps so God can speak to you. And we help minimize the influences that would push down or choke out your motivation.

By carefully reinforcing your desire for God, at the same time as enhancing your Bible study skill, you will be able to hear and respond to what God says to you. If you decide to take this journey and do the assignments, rest assured your life will never be the same.

Main Topics in The E-book – ‘How To Read The Bible’

* Understanding Desire and Discipline
* Surfacing your Desire
* Renewing Your Mind
* Walking Toward the Help
* Removing Thorns
* Stretching Your Comfort Zone
* Aligning Your Prayers
* Pacing Your Growth

Simple Tips on How to Read the Bible

I’d suggest reading and rereading a passage or a book to get the gist of the message and the context. Familiarity with the text is vital. Another a good procedure is to read through the Bible once a year to continue to familiarize yourself with its total message. Another help is to have a study Bible such as The Ryrie Study Bible or NIV Study Bible or The Nelson Study Bible and read the notes as you read the text. All of these are excellent. I’d highly recommend the new NET Bible, which has extensive notes.

As you read the Bible, pay special attention to the context and the argument of the writer. Ask and answer questions like: Who is writing? To whom is he writing? Why is he writing? Is there a problem he is addressing? What is the purpose and theme of the book? You can ask this last question of every paragraph and chapter as well as for the whole book.

May I also suggest the following: The Joy of Discovery by Oletta Wald and especially, Living By the Book by Howard G. Hendricks and William D. Hendricks. Dr. Hendricks was one of my profs at Dallas Seminary and taught Bible study methods for years. This is his specialty and anything he writes is exceptional. In this book he discusses ten strategies for reading, things to observe and principles of interpretation and application. Both are super books. Try them.

Anyway for now, download the eBook in PDF format given at the top. God Bless.

September 29th, 2010

E-book : 10 Spiritual Principles For Christian Life

10 Spiritual Principles For Christian Life

Download : 10 Spiritual Principles For Christian Life E-book

Click the link above to download the eBook – “Ten Spiritual Principles For Christian Life” (172 KB)


Becoming a Christian is the most incredible event that will ever take place in your life. You have found peace with your Creator. You have found everlasting life! Be assured – God will never leave you nor forsake you. He has brought you this far, and He will complete the wonderful work He has begun in you. God knows your every thought, your every care, and your deepest concerns.

God acquits us from the Courtroom of Eternal Justice on the grounds that Jesus Christ paid our fine. We are “justified” (made right with God) by His suffering death. The resurrection of Jesus Christ was God’s seal of approval of the fact that His precious blood was sufficient to pay the fine.

Let’s now look at some more important principles that can save a great deal of pain and help you to get to know God better.

The Ten Spiritual Principles

1. Feeding on the Word
2. Faith
3. Evangelism
4. Prayer
5. Warfare
6. Fellowship
7. Thanksgiving
8. Baptism
9. Tithing
10. Troubleshooting

Each of the above spiritual principles are explained in great detail in the E-book provided for free download above. Please go through the full PDF file and get a clear understanding on each of these spiritual aspects or principles without which a Christian’s life cannot be made fully meaningful.

I hope you all will greatly enjoy this eBook and I am expecting your feedback on the ’10 Spiritual Principles For Your Christian Life’. Feel free to write down your comments in the form given below. God Bless You All. Have a blessed day.

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