E-book : Thoughts on Spirituality

Download : Thoughts on Spirituality Click the link above to download “Thoughts on Spirituality” (1.58 MB) eBook by Anne About the eBook :- Synopsis : This Volume ‘Thoughts on Spirituality’ describes Anne’s early journey as she discovers God’s special work for her. Most of us will follow a similar path as we gradually turn from worldly pursuits … Read more

Holy Bible PDF Download

Holy Bible PDF download is available here for free. Use the link given in this article to download the Holy Bible PDF file. The names of all the books in the Holy Bible are given above. Download Holy Bible in a single PDF file You can download this PDF file of just 4.53MB to your computer and just imagine … Read more

E-book : Doing God

Download : Doing-God Click the link above to download “Doing God” (1.13 MB) eBook by Nick Spencer About the eBook :- A Future for Faith in the Public Square The first part of the report considers why it is simply not possible to take faith out of the public arena. Dealing as it does with questions … Read more

E-book : On Becoming the Righteousness of God

Download : On-becoming-the-righteousness-of-god Click the link above to download “On Becoming the Righteousness of God” (106 KB) eBook by N.T. Wright About the eBook :- 2 CORINTHIANS 5:21 poses several problems for the interpreter; I shall here focus on one in particular. What does Paul mean when he says “For our sake he [God] made him [Christ] … Read more

E-book : The Challenge of Peace

Download : The-challenge-of-peace Click the link above to download “The Challenge of Peace” (474 KB) eBook by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops About the eBook :- The Challenge of Peace: God’s Promise and Our Response is a Pastoral Letter on War and Peace by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Second Vatican Council opened … Read more