E-book : How To Overcome Fear

Download How To Overcome Fear PDF Click on the above link to download the eBook (335KB) titled ‘How to overcome Fear’ written by Bill Subritzky The spirit of fear does not come from God but is a spiritual power which comes out of the spiritual realm and attacks our mind. We have to realise that … Read more

How To Read The Bible

How to read the Bible so that God speaks to you Download The eBook here Developing a successful Bible reading time depends on the balancing of several skills like the improvement of your ability to study the Bible, the negotiation with your motivation, and the management of your time. Which of these skills to focus on and which to … Read more

E-book : 10 Spiritual Principles For Christian Life

Download : 10 Spiritual Principles For Christian Life E-book Click the link above to download the eBook – “Ten Spiritual Principles For Christian Life” (172 KB) Introduction Becoming a Christian is the most incredible event that will ever take place in your life. You have found peace with your Creator. You have found everlasting life! Be … Read more

E-book : The Kneeling Christian

Download : The Kneeling Christian E-book Click the link above to download “The Kneeling Christian” (150 KB) eBook by an Unknown Christian About Kneeling Christian eBook :- The most influential book on Prayer I’ve ever read. The chapters are : Chapter 1: GOD’S GREAT NEED Chapter 2: ALMOST INCREDIBLE PROMISES Chapter 3: ASK OF ME AND I WILL GIVE … Read more