Bible Samacharam Website

Bible Samacharam

I recently came across a christian tamil/telugu website dedicated mainly to christian videos.

Here is the website url -

The website has many sections like Bible Books, Bible Stories, Bible Studies, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Messages, Online TV, Prayer, Sin, Songs etc. The site has a large collection of christian videos from youtube so that you get them all at this one place rather than searching all through the millions of videos in youtube.

The site is well maintained and looks pretty to the eyes too. Visiting this site and playing the videos there will be a great experience to all of you people, even though you are not familiar with tamil or telugu language. Because the site also has contents in English language too. And for those Tamil and Telugu people reading me right now, i can say, its the perfect place for you to spend your online time. Go check it out!

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  1. sir, i want to install telugu audio and e niv english bible in my mobile .i cannot download and install it. please guide me.

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