Beware of Hell

Beware of Hell

Ha Ha! Nice Joke! No version of Christianity should do like that, I suppose.

But, we should try to convince people about the existence of God Almighty. Try to make some atheists believe in God. Because when they go on denying and abusing God, I am afraid whether their souls would  also end up as shown in the above comic.

But this shouldn’t be done by pasting posters like that one above. Tell them about God’s infinite mercy also. Don’t try to make them believe by frightening them about all the punishments given in the Bible. It will take some time for these atheists to digest the idea. But once they do that, be proud that you have saved one soul for God.

2 thoughts on “Beware of Hell”

  1. This seems like a pretty cool website.

    The comic about hell is making fun of tracks and Christianity though.
    If you want lost people to take hell seriously from your website, you should probably remove that joke. There is much these days that would make hell seem fake, for example using it as a swear word.

    Good job otherwise! It’s refreshing to find an immersive website about the one true living God! Thanks!

  2. Seriously, why do so many religious people have this misconception about atheists? Atheists don’t hate any god, we just don’t see any reason to believe in any such divine being. Granted, some atheists are very anti-religion, but thats religion as a whole, not just the god part.

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