Be careful while surfing the internet

Fools please dont surf internet

Today, many people get fooled while surfing the internet, thanks to a large majority of bad guys trying hard to utilize the internet to their greedy benefits. But as instances of cheating are coming to the light one by one, people are a little more cautious now. Things like “I have a huge fortune my relative left, I want to get them out of this country, if you send a small advance, i will give you half of the fortune, when I reach there” won’t work anymore.

So guess what! The bad guys did a reassessment and they are now trying to get people by manipulating the spiritual needs of the people around the world. A fake email saying, “My distance treatments can cure anyone in the world of spiritual and physical ailments. All I need is a small advance fee to begin the energy healing process.” is now more common, for the above reason. And the surprising fact is that the same people who acted wise with the first type of mails, easily give in to this second type of fake emails.

Yes, we all have our physical and spiritual needs or ailments. But fake “Distance treatments” are just not the cure for for them. Please keep this in mind and keep away from these fraud email guys.

Please turn back to the true healer of all times, Lord Jesus Christ. (Don’t forget to consult your local physician also if need arises!)

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